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I would like to welcome you to a successful year of exploration in the world of Life Science. A little introduction about myself, my name is Mrs. Nidhi Khurana and I have been teaching Science at Griffin Middle School for last 16 years

This school year, I would like your child to increase their knowledge and to value learning. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions and concerns. I am looking forward to a productive and successful school year.

Parents Here is the link to sign up for Remind
Remind is a communication tool that helps me connect instantly with students and parents. I can send quick, simple messages to any device

Aug 1st-Aug 3rd

We worked on the classroom rituals and routines.
We answered questions on the lab safety comic strip in groups.
Supply list for my class and sign up for Remind given out today . Passwords for Remind have been given out as well.

Aug 6th-Aug 10th
The students had fun flying paper copters in the classroom.Students performed the paper copter lab and wrote a summary lab report. We learned about the Scientific Method, manipulated variable and responding variable.

We start a new unit Cells The students are working on Cells Layered assignments in Layer 1 (Knowledge)they will finish all activities , In layer 2 (Compare and Contrast)they will complete 3 out of 4 activities. In layer 3(Application) they will finish 2 out of 3 activities.
• Cells layered assignment
• Complete Layer 1 task 1 Complete the graphic organizer using the power point.

Aug 13th-16th
Complete Tasks 2&3 Layer 1 Tasks
we completed layer 1 task 2
Complete the graphic organizer on the discoveries and accomplishments of the given scientists related to cell
• Watch a brain pop Video “Cell Structure’ and complete the quiz ( groups of two is permissible) Task 2
• Read Pages 60 -61 and complete “ A brief History of cell and Microscope” Task 3
Cells layered assignment continued
• Complete Layer 1 Task 4 Color and label the parts of an Animal and Plant Cell
• Complete Layer 1 Tasks 5 Create an acrostic poem using at least six of the vocabulary words
Cell Organelles quiz on Thursday
Cells lab on Friday

Aug 20th-24th

• Cell Analogy Project due on Sept 4th

• Create a model and chart or trifold poster comparing all the cell organelles to an analogy of your choice
I am looking forward to your creative projects on Cell Analogy . The students will working on these projects in class and at home. Can’t wait for the presentations on September 4th

Aug 27th Aug 31st

Cell analogy projects continue

Sept 4th -7th
Cell analogy project presentations
Cell discovery activity
Cell organelle quiz / Cell organelle webquest in the Lab on Friday

Sept 10th-14th
Create flip books on Diffusion osmossis active and passive transport
Read an article on osmosis and diffusion then compare and contrast Osmosis&. Diffusion
Diffusion lab

Sept 17th-21st
Photosynthesis and Respiration Fold able
• Instructions for completing Gummy Bear Lab to show osmosis
• Supplies – salt, gummy bear, beakers, clear plastic cups

Sept 24th-28th FALL BREAK

Oct 1st-5th
Photosynthesis and Respiration Video
Mitosis picture activity
Photosynthesis and Respiration What, when & how activity

Oct 8th -Oct 11th
Study guide on Cells Summative
Cells summative
Human body systems tiered assignment

Oct 15th -19th
We are working on Human Body Tiered assignment
Tier 1
You are a newest doctor at Smyrna Hospital . You have been selected to write fact sheets on the functions of the major organ systems.
Items to include in the are the functions of each major organ system ,major organs and their function and what other systems it works with.
Tier 2
You are a third grade teacher in King Springs Elementary and have been asked to write and publish a book on the functions of the major organ systems of the human body . you will need to write the book so a third grade student can understand the functions and include illustrations as third graders love pictures.
Tier 3
You are a writer for Biology Today Magazine and you editor has assigned you to create the December edition entirely around major organ systems . You are responsible for writing about the functions of each organ system and the interactions of these systems .Your editor has also requested visuals
Tier 4
Technology based presentation
Power point , Blog , weebly , prezi ., movie, brochures etc on Human Body systems

Oct 22nd -27th

Human Body Tiered assignment continued

Oct 29th- nov 2nd

Human Body Tiered assignment continued
Quiz on Friday
Here is the power point on Human body systemsHuman body Organ Systems –1n3gq93

Nov 5th – 16th
We started working on the Human body systems project

• Students will work on to complete their paper dolls drawing and describing the organ systems and describing what other systems the system that they selected works with and how.
• They will make a working model of the system their group has chosen
• Presentations on Friday
• For home work Students will work on to complete their RAFT Assignment on writing a letter to the Human Body corporation to not terminate an organ and complete a wanted organ poster

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