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I would like to welcome you to a successful year of exploration in the world of Life Science. A little introduction about myself, my name is Mrs. Nidhi Khurana and I have been teaching Science at Griffin Middle School for last 14 years

This school year, I would like your child to increase their knowledge and to value learning. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions and concerns. I am looking forward to a productive and successful school year.

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Welcome to another year of learning






Biome in a bottle project is due on Thursday october 5th
The poster should include 1 page Essay on your biome
include climate . rainfall. temp . plants animals. facts and picture of your biome
Draw your proposed design and include a list of ingredients.
– Discuss and write your proposal (plan)
– Need 1- 2 paragraphs explaining the followin
– Include possible invertebrates (probably insects)
– Include possible plants
– Include substrate (soil, sand etc.)



April 30th – May 17th

April 23rd -27th
Evolution Notes
Evolution leap article
Evolution and Fossils guided notes
Evolution Graphic organizer

April 16th-20th

I will not be seeing all the classes because of different schedule everyday
six kingdoms graphic organizer Mon -thu
Fri classification test
Scientific names for organisms project due today

April 9th -13th
Classification notes
Flip book On the six kingdoms
Dichotomous key practice

April 2nd -6th

Mar 24th -Mar 30th
Genetics Disorders presentation Mon
genetics Formative Tue
genetics summative Wed
Selective breeding LEAP Lesson Thu
Genetic basis of butterflies article Fri

Genetics Webquest Mon
Genetics with a smile Lab
We will create babies with the given traits in this lab Tue
Presentations of the Genetics Disorders Wed . Thu
Selective Breading Article Thu

Quiz on Genetics on Friday

March 12th -16th
You will research a genetics disorder of your choice in the computer lab and answer questions for the research
Research paper, PowerPoint. website , prezzie, poster, brochure on the Genetics disorder due on Tuesday Mar 20th

March 5th -9th
Crayfish dissection
Punnett Square practice
Bikni Bottom Genetics
Monster Genetics

Feb 26th -Mar 2nd

Body systems Tiered assignment , RAFT assignment, Wanted organ Poster due on Monday Feb 26th
Body systems quiz Tuesday, Feb 27th
Body systems summative Wednesday,Feb 28th
Genetics Powerpoint notes/ Vocab flip book

Feb 12th -16th
• Students will work on to complete their RAFT Assignment on writing a letter to the Human Body corporation to not terminate an organ.
• Create a Wanted Organ poster

Body Systems summative on Wednesday, Feb 28th

Feb 5th -9th
Human Body Tiered assignment continued , We will work on one system a day

Jan 29th -Feb 2nd
We are working on Human Body Tiered assignment
Tier 1
You are a newest doctor at Smyrna Hospital . You have been selected to write fact sheets on the functions of the major organ systems.
Items to include in the are the functions of each major organ system ,major organs and their function and what other systems it works with.
Tier 2
You are a third grade teacher in King Springs Elementary and have been asked to write and publish a book on the functions of the major organ systems of the human body . you will need to write the book so a third grade student can understand the functions and include illustrations as third graders love pictures.
Tier 3
You are a writer for Biology Today Magazine and you editor has assigned you to create the December edition entirely around major organ systems . You are responsible for writing about the functions of each organ system and the interactions of these systems .Your editor has also requested visuals and

Jan 22nd -26th
Photosynthesis and Respiration Diner Menu Project
Compare and contrast Photosynthesis and Respiration using graphic organizer
Brain pop on Photosynthesis and Respiration
mitosis Picture Notes
Cells Jeopardy
Cells Review
Photosynthesis and Respiration Diner Menu Project due Tuesday Jan 30 th .
You will be able to present your skits and Raps for the Menu project on photosynthesis and respiration on Tuesday
Looking forward 🙂

Jan 16th -19th

Photosynthesis and Respiration Fold able


Jan 8th -12th
Create flip books on Diffusion osmossis active and passive transport
Read an article on osmosis and diffusion then compare and contrast Osmosis&. Diffusion
• Instructions for completing Gummy Bear Lab to show osmosis
• Supplies – salt, gummy bear, beakers, clear plastic cups
Diffusion lab

Jan 4th – 5th
We went over all the cell Layered assignment the students did with the sub

Dec 20th -Jan 3rd

Dec 18-!9 th
Cell analogy projects presentatiuons

Dec 11-15th
Complete 2 Tasks out of 4 for Layer 3
• Cell Analogy
• Compare Cell to A City
• Compare Cell to A factory
• Compare Cell to Griffin Middle School
Instructions for Cell Analogy Project
• Create a model, chart or trifold poster comparing all the cell organelles to an analogy of your choice

Dec 4th -8th
Cells layered assignment continued
• Complete Layer 1 Task 4 Color and label the parts of an Animal and Plant Cell
• Complete Layer 1 Tasks 5 Create an acrostic poem using at least six of the vocabulary words
• Complete Layer 1 Tasks 6 Observe the plant and animal slides under a microscope , Draw what you see
• Quiz on Cell Parts

Nov 27th Monday – Dec 1st Friday
We will work in groups on the Cell analogy project

Nov 20 th -24th
Thanksgiving Break

November 17th , Friday
We worked on the Cell analogy project with our groups

November 16 , Thursday
Cell Analogy Project
• Create a model and chart or trifold poster comparing all the cell organelles to an analogy of your choice
I am looking forward to your creative projects on Cell Analogy . The students will be working with their group on these projects in class and at home. Can’t wait for the presentations on December 19th &20th

November 15, Wednesday
Cells layered assignment continued
• Complete Layer 1 Task 4 Color and label the parts of an Animal and Plant Cell
• Complete Layer 1 Tasks 5 Create an acrostic poem using at least six of the vocabulary words

November 14. Tuesday
we completed layer 1 task 2
Complete the graphic organizer on the discoveries and accomplishments of the given scientists related to cell

November 13, Monday
Complete Tasks 2&3 Layer 1 Tasks
• Watch a brain pop Video “Cell Structure’ and complete the quiz ( groups of two is permissible) Task 2
• Read Pages 60 -61 and complete “ A brief History of cell and Microscope” Task 3

November 10th . Friday Cells LEAP
Due on Monday

November 9th Thursday
We start a new unit Cells The students are working on Cells Layered assignments in Layer 1 (Knowledge)they will finish all activities , In layer 2 (Compare and Contrast)they will complete 3 out of 4 activities. In layer 3(Application) they will finish 2 out of 3 activities.
• Cells layered assignment
• Complete Layer 1 task 1 Complete the graphic organizer using the power point.

November 8th , Wednesday
Ecology Summative
Grades will in tomorrow in Synergy

November 7th , Tuesday
November 6th Monday

We dissected Owl Pellets today . The kids were fascinated by what they saw inside the owl Pellet,
Lab report due on Wednesday
Complete the Ecosystem take home test. Use it as a review guide for the Ecology summative on Wednesday

November 3rd, Friday .
We did a LEAP lesson On Worldwide Loss of Bees a growing Concern . We wrote a summary and answered questions

November 2nd, Thursday

We took a test on symbiosis. The grades are in synergy

November 1st Wednesday
We created flip book on Water. carbon and nitrogen cycle . we drew the pictures and wrote about the three cycles in nature . you may be asked to teach them to the class tomorrow.

October 31st Tuesday
We worked on Energy Flow crossword , Symbiosis vocabulary activity and energy flow true false check up
due on Friday Symbiosis test tomorrow study your notes

October 30th, Monday
we took a test on Food chain / food web

October 27th, Friday
LEAP Lesson On Symbiosis
Read the article . write a summary,answer qs , complete the graphic organizer

October 26th, Thursday
We went to the computer lab to research on symbiotic relationships

October 25th, Wednesday
We looked at symbiotic relationships and figured out if they are mutualistic , commensalistic, parasitic

October 24th, Tuesday
we took notes on symbiosis

October 23rd, Monday
Ecology quiz

October 20th Friday
LEAP Lesson on Endangered Species
Write a summary of the lesson . Answer questions and give me text evidence

October 19th Thursday
Food Web Activity

October 18th , Wednesday

Food chain Activity

October 17th. Tuesday
Food web activity

October 16th , Monday
Food chain activity

October 13th , Friday
LEAP Lesson On Food chain / Food web
write a summary of the lesson
create a food web with the given organisms

October 12th, Thursday EARLY RELEASE DAY
We went over Unit 1 Test Biomes to see what questions kids got wrong and why.
it helped them as it cleared their misconceptions.
Home work Kesab Patawalonga and Torrens waterwatch food web activity
Due on Monday

October 11th, Wednesday
We started Food chain activities.

October 10th, Tuesday
We watched The Birds of Prey Show . It was amazing .

October,9th Monday
We started Food chain activities

October 6th Friday
LEAP Friday
we read an article on Food Chain . Food Web and Energy Pyramid . The Summaries/ Essay on the article are due on Next Friday

October 5th, Thursday
We presented the Biome In a Bottle Projects . They are amazing . My class room looks like a zoo with aLL the animals and plants in there . i love the way the students are taking care of their Biome

October 4th , Wednesday
Review all Vocab
The Biome in Bottle groups worked on the posters. The project is due tomorrow

October 3rd. Tuesday
We completed the Ecology Vocab flip Book
We reviewed the Vocab words Quiz On Monday Oct9th

October 2nd. Monday
Welcome back.
We began the second unit Ecology
• Create Vocabulary Flipbook or note cards
• – write the vocabulary word, draw a picture, write the definition, and write a word/ words to help you remember the definition
• Complete Flipbookor notecards and glue it to your Science Notebook
Study the vocabulary words

Sept 22nd Friday LEAP
prairie Ecology lesson / Your Desiner plant , summaries . Butterfly eassay are due on Friday oct 4th

Sept 21st Thursday
BIonmes Test

Sept 20th Wednesday KAhoot ON Biomes

Sept 19th Tuesday
ITBS Testing . BIOME TIC TAC TOE continued

Sept 18th Monday
ITBS Testing . BIOME TIC TAC TOE continued

Sept 15th Friday
ITBS Testing . BIOME TIC TAC TOE continued


Sept 14 th Thursday
ITBS Testing . BIOME TIC TAC TOE continued

Sept 13th, Wednesday
we continued working on the BIOME TIC TAC TOE

Sept 8th, Friday
COGAT Testing today
We worked on the BIOME TIC TAC TOE

Sept 7th, Thursday

We started working on the BIOME TIC -TAC- TOE.
It is due on Thursday for 3rd and 5th periods and Friday for 4th & 6th periods.

Sep 6th , Wednesday
Biome PBL Presentaions continued .
I gave out handout for the BIOME IN A BOTTLE group project . We will be creating terrariums in a bottle . Your group has been assigned a biome which you will recreate in a bottle.
GOAL: Create a self-sustaining environment (including biotic and abiotic factors) within a bottle. Keep living organisms alive for a minimum of 21 days.
-You will work in a group (3-4)

Proposal Instructions:
– Draw your proposed design and include a list of ingredients.
– Discuss and write your proposal (plan)
– Need 1- 2 paragraphs explaining the following.
– Include possible invertebrates (probably insects)
– Include possible plants
– Include substrate (soil, sand etc.)
– Potential websites:
– Teachengineering.org (biodome)
– Proteacher.org (biome in a bottle)
This is due on next week . Start bringing in your terrariums as soon as you have all the materials. You will have to write 2-3 paragraphs about the biome you chose explaining the temperature, rainfall , plants animals and interesting facts about it . You will also write a survival guide if you were stranded on the biome

Sep 5th, Tuesday
We started presentations of the BIome PBL I am impressed with the movies made by the students will share the links soon a so you all can watch it

Sept 1st, Friday
We took a Land Biome quiz. I am very pleased with your grades. If you did not do well on this one you have another quiz coming up next Friday on land and Aquatic Biomes

Aug 31st, Thursday
We finished the freshwater Biome . Played jeoaprdy to get ready for the Biome quiz on Friday

Aug 30th, Wednesday
We watched a video on the Estuary Biome discussed about it and worked on our last Biome Fresh water Biome.

Aug 29th Tuesday
We discussed about the Marine Biome , watched a video on the marine Biome . we worked on the Estuary Biome

Aug 28th Monday
We stared working On the Aquatic Biomes Today
We did the marine Biome

Aug 25th Friday
Quiz on all the facts of the six land biomes

Aug 24th
We worked to make sure everyone has all the facts for all the land biomes you need for the quiz
We made climatograms for all the land Biomes.

Aug 23rd
We finished Tundra biome. watched a video on it and had fun playing the Biome song:)
Get ready for the Land Biomes quiz On Friday.

Aug 22nd
We worked on the desert Biome and Tundra Biome. Watched videos on Savanna and Desert Biome

Aug 21st
Happy Eclipse Day
We watched the Total Solar Eclipse. We all went out to the field to watch it It was amazing. It was fun to watch the dragon flies and mosquitoes going crazy thinking it was nighttime. We also worked on the desert Biome . Those who were absent today you can work on it tomorrow.

Aug 18th
We worked on the Savanna Biome
Please review your notes. You will have a quiz on the land Biomes on Thursday

Aug 17th
We worked on the Tropical rain forest biome
Aug 16th
SLO Testing

Aug 15th
Biomes Tiered Project continued
We worked on the Coniferous Forest/ Taiga Biome.

Aug 14th
Biomes Tiered Project continued
We worked on the Temperate Deciduous forest Biome. We watched a a 2 min video on it. Please study from your notes and don’t forget to bring in your Eclipse permission slips Last day to turn them in is this Friday or you will have to wait for 75 years:)

Aug 11th
we took a quiz on Ecology vocabulary words
Started working on Biomes Tiered project
Have a great weeekend
Aug 10th
We start the Biomes Tiered project. The students will have a choice between three Tiers
– Tier 1 Create a book on the Biomes
– Tier 2 Create travel brochures paper or online on Biomes (You can use microsoft publisher)
– Tier 3 Create a multimedia presentation / movie,website,online poster on the biomes

A web page (poster). http://poster.4teachers.org/ is an online service that makes it easy to make web posters and publish them online.
Make a real poster on posterboard. Make a self standing project board that has pictures and information about your biome.
Make a museumbox on the web to present to classmates in a web format.
Make a presentation using powerpoint and present to the class on a digital project.. Create a website on weebly.com

• Information to be included in the project
– List examples of four animals
– List examples of four plants
– Precipitation (Centimeters of rainfall or snow or sleet, etc.)
– Temperature (highs and lows)
– Geographic Locations (continents and or countries)
– Four important and interesting facts.
– Pictures
– Climatogram
• The students will work diligently on the tier they chose and we will work on one biome each day.
Biomes – Missouri Botanical Gardens
The World’s Biomes
Biomes of the World
Introduction to Biomes

Aug 9th
Ecology Vocabulary quiz on Friday
Study the words from your notecards or flip book
We finished the vocabulary on ecology today . We will start the Biome PBL tomorrow

Aug 8th
Relate Griffin Middle School to the ecological levels of organization
• The students will make a four square organizer to explain the four levels of organization in 4 Ecosystems.

Aug 7th
We finished working on our Ecology Vocabulary flip books / notecards.
We watched Khan Academy video on introduction of Ecology. Study the words .You will have a Quiz this week

Aug 4th
We began the first unit Ecology
• Create Vocabulary Flipbook or note cards
• – write the vocabulary word, draw a picture, write the definition, and write a word/ words to help you remember the definition
• Complete Flipbookor notecards and glue it to your Science Notebook
Study the vocabulary words . We will continue working on them on Monday.
Have nice weekend

Aug 3rd
The students had fun flying paper copters in the classroom.Students performed the paper copter lab and wrote a summary lab report. We learned about the Scientific Method, manipulated variable and responding variable.

Supply list for my class and sign up for Remind given out today . Passwords for Remind have been given out as well.
We watched a lab safety video and answered questions on the lab safety comic strip in groups.
Illustrate three lab safety rules being followed by the wacky professor. Color it and give it a funny name.
Due on Friday.
Don’t forget to bring lab safety contract, video permission form, and receipt of syllabus and sign up for Remind.
See you tomorrow you guys are awesome!

Aug 1st
Classroom rituals and routines continued. Syllabus, lab safety contract and video permission form sent home . Parents please sign the receipt of syllabus, lab safety contract and video permission form.

July 31st
We worked on the classroom rituals and routines.

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