Extra News for Week of April 23rd

Dear Parents,   

We will have a timed checkup over our 2s and 3s multiplication facts this Friday.   There will be 60 facts to solve and your child will have 5 minutes.  It is that time of year when we have to ensure that we are reaching fluency with our facts:) 

We will have a timed multiplication facts checkup each Friday for the remainder of the year;).  Friday, May 4th will be our 4s and 5s, Friday, May 11th will be our 6s and 7s, and Friday, May 18nd will be our 8s and 9s. Tomorrow a branches of government study guide will arrive home, and our summative assessment will be on Tuesday, May 1st.  The study guide includes what our 3rd grade government standard encompasses, so if your child looks over this they will be just fine.  We have covered everything extensively in class, so the children shouldn’t have to spend very much time reviewing.   

If you have not returned the field trip permission for our Mercedes Benz trip on Monday, April 30th, please do so tomorrow.  It will be here before you know it.  There is also an Economics Day letter in your child’s blue folder today that thoroughly explains Economics Day.  It is a third grade tradition and the children LOVE being merchants as they have a real world experience with supply and demand concepts.  Please email me should you have any questions at all about Economics Day.   

We have a new weekly behavior sheet that we will use for the remainder of the year that allows your child to participate in goal setting and self reflection:)   This is a great opportunity for your child to reflect on choices and strategies for improvement.

Have a great week and THANK YOU so much for making our Milestone Completion Celebration such a fabulous success!!!  We had lots of yummy, homemade treats to share, and the children and I are very grateful for your generosity!!!


Dear Parents, 

The children have worked so very hard during our five days of Milestone testing!!  We will be celebrating on Friday with our Sundaes and a Movie party!!!  Your child may also bring a small electronic game and a stuffed animal to enjoy:)  Thank you so much for sending in your party donations:)  The children have written in their planners what they would like to bring, and  Mrs. Vola will use our class funds to purchase our ice cream:)  Thank you so much again for all of your support during testing… by ensuring early bedtimes, healthy breakfasts, and for being an encouraging cheerleader!:) 

We are so happy to be back on a regular schedule tomorrow, and instructional highlights for the next two weeks are below.  Enjoy the rest of your week and when your child arrives home today be sure to include a big hug for a fantastic job during testing:)   Please remember to access our specials schedules in the pages section at the top of our class webpage.  

Ms. Henson   

Instructional Highlights for the week of April 16th and April 23rd: 

Reading Workshop:  We will continue our nonfiction research clubs on our chosen animals.  We will explore different text structures, such as comparison / contrast, cause/ effect, and problem/solution as we synthesize our two nonfiction animal texts with our club members.  Our written synthesis responses will include essential synthesis elements for third grade, such as use of  clear text structures and signal phrases.

Writing Workshop:  We will begin our fairy tale unit as we begin by completing our character/setting maps.  We will read several fairy tale anchor texts and will discover techniques  that fairy tale authors use to captivate our attention, to develop characters, to elaborate settings, and to teach us an important lesson. 

Math:  We will  finish up our geometry unit this week as we identify vertices, angle sizes (more or less than 90 degrees), and characteristics of quadrilaterals.   We will construct quadrilaterals that meet certain criteria and group into like groups. 

Cursive and Grammar:  We are going to begin to write short paragraphs and famous quotes in cursive daily as this is a fourth quarter standard.:) 

Science and Social Studies:  In science, we will continue our unit on the three types of heat transfer.  In social studies, we will revisit our three branches of government (Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches).  We will dive deeper into our study of the three branches as we compare and contrast responsibilities of each branch and learn the benefits of the system of checks and balances. 

Mercedes Benz Field Trip

Dear Parents,

If you would like to join us for our Mercedes Benz Discovery field trip, we would love to have you:)  We will arrive around 9:45 – 10:00 a.m. on April 30th.  You will be required to pay an admission of $25.

You will need to park in the silver parking deck and here is the address:

1414 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30313.

If you park here, we can validate the parking from $15 to $8.

Friday Update:)

Good Morning:)   The office has asked teachers to share that April 20th is a Lost and Found cleanout day.  If you want to check for items before this day, you are welcome to do so:)  Also, if you would like to send in treats for our Milestone Completion party on Friday, April 20th we are in need of the following items.  The children will be most appreciative as we are very eager to celebrate completion of 5 testing days!!!!!

Vanilla ice cream 

Paper bowls and plastic spoons   

Sundae toppings (no nuts due to allergy)   

Packaged popcorn     

Drinks such as packaged juices: No sodas please

Welcome Back!!

Dear Parents and Explorers:)  

   I hope that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their spring break!  I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s adventures.  I spent a few days in south Georgia with Gracie.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed visiting with friends there:)  I can’t believe that we only have a little over six weeks of school left!!  I don’t where all of the time has gone…my explorers are growing up too fast!!  Below are very important tips for Milestone success:)  Parents, please try not to worry about this test… doing our very best is our focus:)  

 This week in math, we will continue to focus on our geometry unit and will review previously learned math standards.  In reading, I have planned a poetry activity for Monday and Tuesday.  The children are not formally assessed on this genre, but it is a genre with which they need to be familiar.  They also truly enjoy poetry analysis and poetry writing!:)  In writing, we will engage in text synthesis comparison / contrast writing activities that incorporate our new animal research books.  We will also be doing some research online to supplement our texts.  In science, we will explore the three different types of heat transfer (convection, radiation, and conduction). We will also be working on our cursive and will be composing short paragraphs.  NO homework packets this week:)  

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Henson

  • I have included the dates again below with subjects listed beside each day.
  • Be sure to check that these days are marked on your calendar.  
  • Ensure that your child is on time and at school by 7:50 a.m. each day of testing:)  
  • Please ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast and brings water bottle and a HEALTHY snack to school each day (no chocolate, cookies, candies, or chips please)   
  • Please ensure that early bedtime is part of your daily routine.  
  • Attendance is highly encouraged during testing unless your child is ill and unable to attend school.
  • Allow your child to play outside / have opportunity for physical exercise in the afternoons when they arrive home.  They will be sitting for a longer period of time each day than what is typical.
  •  Keep in mind that there will be a few “field items” on the test that we have not covered in class.  These questions do not count in your child’s final score:)  
  • Be an encouraging cheerleader:)  “I know you are going to do great!”

Tuesday, April 10th:  Language Arts Section 1  

Wednesday, April 11th: Language Arts Section 2  

Thursday, April 12th: Language Arts Section 3  

Monday, April 16th: Math Part 1  

Tuesday, April 17th:  Math Part 2

Report Card Arriving Home Today

Dear Parents,

Your child’s report card will arrive home today:)  Please carefully read the comments included for each subject and discuss with your child.  I am very proud of everyone for their hard work and accomplishments this quarter!  Please return the report card envelopes tomorrow and you may keep the report card.   

Hope everyone will be able to attend our 80’s Dance this Saturday from 6:00 – 8:00 for grades 3-5 and from 4:00 – 6:00 for grade K-2.  Enjoy the rest of your week and please take the time to review the new Milestone link I have included below.  The link includes sample test questions that are very similar to the test.

Ms. Henson:)

Early Dismissal on March 14th

Dear Parents,  

Just a friendly reminder that we will have early dismissal at 12:30 on March 14th.  Please ensure that you have made plans for your child on this day.  All Cobb County teachers will be engaged in staff development:)  

Underwater Update for the Week of March 5:  

March Madness has been a huge success!!  The children are so excited to earn their “SHOOT” points each day, and everyone is working very hard!!!  We have begun to focus on the layout of the Milestone testing, how to fill in bubbles, what the writing portion will look like, etc.  Please ensure that you help with validating the importance of doing our very best on our end-of-year assessment, and with maintaining a positive attitude regarding our Milestone test:)  

A very big thank you to Mrs. Burriss and Mrs. Wray for doing such a beautiful job on our March Madness door decorations!!!  We appreciate your support and time!!  

We are finishing up our opinion piece publishing this week and the children have done a fabulous job on these pieces of writing.  They have committed to memory the importance of paragraphs that introduce with a reason followed by supportive examples.  They also understand the importance of a persuasive hook/introduction and a captivating closing. We are working hard to commit to memory those crucial reason and example signal words that signal our reader that we are either sharing a reason or an example.  

In math, we are focusing on 2 step word problems and elapsed time.  We are also beginning to engage in spiraling review of all of our math standards.

Reading workshop this week will focus on our new book club selections and our new anchor text, Dyamonde Daniel.  We will discover how to respond in writing to similarities and differences between Opal from Because Of Winn Dixie and Dyamonde in terms of comparing and contrasting traits, motives, problems that arise, and responses to problems.  Grammar skills for the week will center around use of subordinating conjunctions and FANBOYS conjunctions correctly in our writing.  We will continue to focus on capital cursive letters, and are beginning to practice writing single paragraphs in cursive:)    

Science activities for the week will include identifying sources of pollution and ways to prevent these.

Have a great week!  

Ms. Henson



Time to practice those keyboarding skills:)

Ms. Alter, our computer lab instructor, asks that students practice their typing skills.  Please practice typing for 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  For 3rd grade, students, she recommends either Dancemat or Byteback, free typing lesson tutorials.  Students need to learn how to use all 10 fingers when typing.  If students practice incorrectly, it only creates a bad habit.  To help against this bad habit,she suggests using a towel over your hands.  In the lab, students have skins over our keyboard when they practice typing.  Dancemat is self-explanatory and the program tells you what you need to do.  Byteback has 15 lessons and a final test.  I ask that students learn the keyboard by completing each lesson with 5 or fewer errors using proper fingers.  Once they have completed the lessons in this way to learn the keyboard and proper finger placement.  Then they should do the lessons again and this time focus on the speed recommended by the program.  The program recommends 20 words per minute.  You can find Byteback and other typing tutorials on our computer lab webpage at http://www.eastsidetechnology.org/?page_id=28.  Thanks for your help.