Searching by Lexile – Language Arts Classes


Now that you have your lexiles generated from the SRI, here are a few helpful tips for searching for books in Destiny:

  • Round your lexile score to a number ending in zero.  For example, if your score is 956, round it up to 1000.  If it is 834, round it down to 830.
  • Your lexile range is 100 below your lexile score – 50 above your lexile score.  When reading in this range, you are reading with 75% comprehension.  Why not 100%?  Well, studies show that when you read in this range, you will encounter new words and concepts that require context clues; however, the reading will not be so difficult that you grow frustrated.  So, reading in this range should GROW you as a reader!
  • To search for books in our computer catalog, Destiny, by lexile, use the following directions.

Searching Destiny by Lexile

  • Go to to build a list of books in your lexile range and to find out more information about lexiles.  If you don’t know your lexile number, go to the “I don’t know my lexile” link to answer a few questions and get some book ideas!
  • See Mrs. Wickline in the Media Center if you need help or have any questions.