Infographic Intro – 7th Grade Science

Today we will introduce Infographics which are visual representations of information. 

Infographic defining infographics

7 Steps in Creating Infographics



Star Wars Infographic – created by Mark Morera at

Ebola Infographics

Infographics for Analysis

Use your 3-2-1 sheet to analyze the following infographics.

1. Apocolypse When?

2. World’s Most Costly Engineering Mistakes

3. Spiraling out of Control:  Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans

4. Ultimate Guide to Note Taking in Class

5. Lightning

6. Math Real-World Relevance to Middle Schoolers

Considerations When Creating Your Own Infographic

10 Rules for Making an Infographic Cool, Effective, and Viral

Steps for Creating a Great Infographic from The Creative Educator Infographics Lesson (Grades 6-8)

  1.  What information, facts, and data are essential to include? Which aren’t?
  2. What colors and layout work best for sharing information?
  3. What graphs and graphics best convey information?
  4. What is the best order, or flow, or information?

Colors and Fonts Presentation – Kathy Schrock; research from Lynell Burmark

Color Emotion Guide

**Always include citations!**

Infographic Creation



Smore– This is a poster site, so graphics , charts, etc. are limited

Canva Quick Guide to Canva