Intro to Research – 8th Grade Language Arts


8th Grade LA Research Introduction

Intro to Online Sources – BrainPop

Avoiding Plagiarism PowerPoint

Works Cited: A Quick Guide

Cornell Notes Note-taking Sheets  (Print additional pages as needed)

What is an annotated Bibliography? Video (This is a Youtube video, so it must be viewed at home.)

Creating and Formatting Your Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Example

Research Resources for Current Issues

You will log in the same way you log in to the school computer.

School:  Palmer Middle School
         Username:  Student Identification Number
         Password:  Computer password

  1.  Go to Groups
  2. Go to Current Issues Databases – All five of the resources here should be useful for you research – Explora Secondary, Global Issues in Context, NetTrekker, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Student Resources in Context