February Success Block – Breakout Edu Choices

Welcome to this month’s

Success Block Breakout Game!

General Guidelines & Rules of Play

  • You may work individually or in teams of two players.
  • If playing as a team:
    • All team members’ names should be entered into the team leader‘s breakout.
    • All members may work on different locks at the same time on their individual computers.
    • All locks must be opened on a team leader‘s computer in order to complete the challenge.
  • Some locks require the use of additional websites.
  • Think creatively as well as logically. If the lock isn’t opening, try approaching the clue from a different way.
    • Some answers will use all the spaces provided. Some won’t. You’ll just have to figure it out.
  • You’re on your own, no hints from us today. 🙂
  • Once you click on Start Game, the timer will begin.

Finding Frosty

  • 15 Minute Timer
  • Play Code – PN2-3WW-JBB

Winter Sports

  • 15 Minute Timer
  • Play Code – TJQ-BEC-3OA

Winter is Snow Fun

  • 20 Minute Timer
  • Play Code – 18A-A7E-DZL