Project Save the Oceans – Science Academy – Hunt

Today you will research several questions for your Project Save the Oceans assignment – 

1. What role do humans play on the Earth’s oceans?

2. What is the impact of trash?

3. What inventions already exist to fix this problem?

You will use Cobb Digital Library (CDL) as well as your own internet research and the web sites below.

When searching the internet, here are some helpful search terms:

impact of trash on oceans

effect of trash on oceans

impact of humans on ocean pollution

effects of humans on ocean pollution

inventions to reduce water pollution

inventions to fix water pollution

inventions to clean the oceans

Web Sites

Humans’ and Trash’s Impact on Ocean Pollution

Planet Aid –

World Wildlife Fund –

Science News for Students –

Pre-Existing Inventions

“3 Incredible Inventions that are Cleaning our Oceans” – Huffington Post –

“Could These Amazing Inventions Clean Up the Oceans/” –

Cobb Digital Library

At school, click the desktop icon. At home, go to the Learning Commons web site on Palmer’s page and click the link on the right. At school, you should be logged in automatically, but if not….

School: Palmer

Username: Student Identification Number

Password:  Same password you use to get onto the computer

Go to the Science Group and use applicable databases there.

  • Britannica Encyclopedia
  • Destiny Web Path Express