Narrative Writing Workshop – 7th-Grade Study Skills



Day 1 – Introduction, Brainstorming, and Free Writing Practice

  • Today we read “The Relatives Came” by Cynthia Rylant as an introduction to narrative story writing.  
  • We discuss the characteristics of a narrative and read another short student sample.
  • Students then followed through the Nearpod activity.  After brainstorming personal interests, students free wrote for 2 minutes, then three minutes, then four minutes to three different prompts. 
  • They then circled the topic they will free write on at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Nearpod Introduction

Day 2 – Free Write on Topic/Introduction of Narrative Outline

  • Students selected a topic from their brainstorm page and complete a five-minute free write on the back side.
  • We reviewed narrative writing characteristics and structure.  
  • Students were given a narrative writing outline that they completed in class. Once the outline was approved by myself or Mrs. Hunter, students were allowed to get a laptop and begin typing their rough draft.

Day 3 – Rough Draft Work Sessions/ Hook Mini Lesson

  • After a brief mini-lesson on writing a good hook with some options on the document camera, students had the entire period to work on completing their rough drafts.
  • Mrs. Hunter and I were available for help as needed.

Day 4 – Complete Rough Draft/Begin Self-Editing

  • We began class with a review of the Narrative Essay Self Edit students will use to edit their work.  We encouraged students to print their rough draft as they finished and to find a quiet space in the Learning Commons where they could read their work out loud to themselves and then use the sheet to color mark and edit their work.
  • We also started class with a mini lesson on transition words.  Students were given a transition work sheet and we completed a short activity where students selected the best transition words for blank spaces in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Transition words are something they are asked to mark and add in the self-editing step of the process.