Biography Research – 7th LA

Use the following resources in the Cobb Digital Library to access great articles for your assignments

1. To access Cobb Digital Library at school, go to the Cobb Digital Library icon on your desktop.      To access Cobb Digital Library at home, go to

         Enter the following information:

School:  Palmer Middle School

User ID:  Student Identification Number

Password: your computer password

2. Go to the red GROUPS tab on the left.

3. Go to the Biography group.

Use any of the databases in this section.                                                              

Look for citation information, print, save, and read aloud tools on all sites.

See Mrs. Wickline if you need any help or have any questions!

To avoid plagiarism: 

  1. READ first and then look away and right your notes
  2. Your notes should not be sentences
  3. Cover the sentences or paragraphs if you’re tempted to peek
  4. Use your own words to put your notes into sentences.