Genius Hour Resource Intro – 7th Grade Gifted Resource

Mrs. Quinn’s and Mrs. Esserwein’s 7th-Grade Gifted Resource classes will be working on Genius Hour once a week for the remainder of the semester. Genius Hour gives students an opportunity to pursue topics about which they are passionate and to come up with creative final products to show what they have learned.

Today students will be introduced to Genius Hour resources in Cobb Digital Library and we will review our strategies for evaluating and using sites and finding great articles.

Students will record notes on their Cornell Notes research sheet.

To access Cobb Digital Library from school:

  1. Click the icon on your desk top                                                                                            
  2. Go to the Groups tab on the left.
  3. Use any of the applicable resources listed.They are in alphabetical order.

To access Cobb Digital Library from home:

  1. Go the Palmer web site and click Learning Commons at the top of the page or
  2. You will see a link to Cobb Digital Library under “Links” on the right.
  3. Use the same username and password you use to get on to the computer at school to access Cobb Digital Library.                                                                                                                             Username:  student # (lunch #)
    Password: computer password at school
  4. Go to the Groups tab on the left
  5. Use any of the applicable resources listed. They are in alphabetical order.

Look for citation information, print, save, and read aloud tools on all sites.
Check for great ebooks on your topic in the CDL.
Check the Media Center for great books on your topics.
See Mrs. Wickline if you need any help or have any questions.