Poetry Play Stations with GooseChase! 6th Gifted Resource


Today 6th Gifted Resource participated in a time, point-earning race through some fun poetry stations. Students used the app GooseChase to complete the challenges and earn points.

Students were divided in to “teams” and started at assigned stations. The “missions” were set up in the GooseChase app in advance.


Poet Tree 1

400 Points

Find a poem that you like and is meaningful to you. You may use any of the books or resources in the Learning Commons. Write the entire poem or lines from a poem on a leaf at the Poet Tree station. Cut the leaf out and tape it to the tree. Take a photo of your leaf on the tree.

Poet Tree 2

Record yourself reading at least ONE leaf from the Poet Tree. It cannot be your own.

Flippin’ Poetry

600 Points

Follow the directions at one of the laptops set up as Flipgrid Stations. Record a favorite poem on Flipgrid and post. If your poem is long, you may record a stanza or two. After posting, take a photo of your Flipgrid selfie!

It’s a Blackout!

600 Points

Create your own Blackout poetry at the Blackout Poetry Station. Follow the directions provided at the station. Put your name on your new poem and tape it to the Blackout wall. Take a photo of yourself by your poem.

Bonus Mission

200 Points

You may not work on this mission until you have completed the other 4 missions! Find a group of two or three. Create an 8–line poem. One person writes the first line of the poem. Take turns writing lines until you have 8 Select one person to read the poem aloud. Video that person reading the poem or recite your poem on Flipgrid.