July 31

Welcome to Mr. Panter’s Blog!

Mr. Panter’s Georgia Studies
PanterpediA Blog
Welcome to the 2018-19 school year in Georgia Studies! I look forward to a great year with my students. To access the blog, you will need to follow the instructions below just one time. You can also download the Schoology app for instant access anywhere.
• To sign up for my Schoology BLOG – Follow the instructions below
1. https://schoology.com
2. Basic
3. Student
4. Access Code for your class
5. Enter name and make up your own password
• Each class I teach will have a specific code to access the blog. You only have to enter the code once and then you can check to remember it.
Block 1 – 99HKX2-N8NMH
Block 2 – H5KJ6-KZ3W3
Block 3 – 7NS2J-X28VQ
Block 6 – ZM3W4-98347
Block 7 – ZHCQ4-HNKB7
• On my blog you will find:

o The day’s agenda, homework assignments, important reminders, all classroom handouts, copies of completed notes, extra credit opportunities & test hints, links to the online textbook, and Panterman will appear to help you with hints and bonus points!

July 9

Welcome to PanterpediA!

This site has been created to communicate with both parents and students about Mr. Panter’s Georgia History class. Make sure you take a look around the site and get to know where the links are located. Here you will find links to your digital textbook, primary sources, video clips, study guides, PowerPoint notes, and even movie clips. I look forward to a great year as we discover the events and people that inspire us even today.