Milestone Information

Hello Parents,

I know that the Georgia Milestones test is still a few months away, but it is never too early to start preparing. During the upcoming Winter Break, here is where you can find information to help prepare your child:



Ms. Reid

Week of 12/04

This week in class:

Math – We will continue dividing whole numbers by unit fractions and introduce dividing unit fractions by whole numbers.

Writing – We will work on writing an imaginary narrative from a prompt. We will start timing our writing to prepare us for the Georgia Milestone’s – this may stress some students out, so be prepared if they have some writing assignments to bring home with them over the next two weeks.

Science – We are studying Chemical and Physical Changes to Matter

Social Studies – We are learning about the Industrial Revolution and Inventors at the Turn of the Century.

Reading – We are continuing our unit on “The Most Beautiful Roof in the World” in class. We are focusing on identifying the Main Idea, Key Details, and responding to questions using TEXT EVIDENCE. ***TIP – ask your child questions about the book they are reading and have them go back in the text and find proof to support their answer!


Thanksgiving Lunch

Parents, grandparents, and friends are invited to join us for our annual Thanksgiving lunch. The cost of a guest lunch is $3.75. Our class will eat in the cafeteria on Wednesday, November 15th. On the other days that week, they will have sack lunches and eat in our classroom. Please join us for a delicious lunch!!

**Lifetouch Photography will be here to take family portraits on the stage.  Flyers with prices will be available each day in the café.

**Book Fair will be open in the Media Center.  It’s a great time to buy holiday gifts!

Please return the form sent home with your child today or put a note in the agenda stating how many family members will attend our annual Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday, November 15th from 12:50 -1:35.

New Math Games Online


I have added a few new math games to my Helpful Links page. I’ll keep adding more links to this page this week to help the kids practice at home and in class.

I will be adding some Science and Social Studies links as we cover new material too.


Sharon Reid

2nd Quarter at a Glance

Math: We wrap up our work on place value and decimals with an assessment on Thursday, October 19th. We will start learning about fractions on Friday. Next week we will be adding and subtracting fractions. In the weeks following we will work on multiplying and dividing fractions. This is typically a very challenging 9 weeks for students, so expect more math homework to reinforce what we are doing in class.

I will post several fraction videos that will help show how we are learning it in class as the students watch them.

Spelling: We will continue working on new spelling words each week. We will pick up with Unit 8 next week and have a new set of words go home each Monday. There will continue to be four spelling homework assignments due every Friday before we take our weekly spelling test.

Reading: Coming soon!

Science: Coming soon!

Social Studies: Coming soon!


A Peek At Our Week: August 28 – September 1

Reading: We will be starting a new piece of literature in class this week called Espiranza Rising. This unit will focus on the lessons we can learn about human rights through literature and life.

Math: We will focus on different strategies we can use to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers and 3 digit by 2 digit numbers. These strategies include the array model, the area model (your student may have called it the Box Method in the past), Partial Products, and Standard Algorithm. Our standard we must master this year is to fluently multiply 3×2 digit numbers using the Standard Algorithm. TEST ON MATERIAL UP TO THIS POINT THURSDAY.

Writing: We will continue working on writing narratives, both real and imaginative. We will practice writing our narratives with different types of leads and trying to be more descriptive in our writing. For example, we will ban the word “said” from our narratives and discuss other ways to describe how the character spoke: yelled, whispered, joked, screamed, laughed, argued, interrupted, ordered, grunted, thanked, mumbled, pleaded, etc.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the North and the South before the Civil War, the causes for the Civil War, famous Civil War battles, and important people of the Civil War.

Grammar: Students will be reviewing how to identify subjects and predicates in a sentence.

Spelling:  The lesson for this week is long i spelled y, i-consonant-e, or i.  Also, long 0 spelled 0-consonant-e, ow, or o. They will have three homework assignments (their choice from their board) due on Friday and a spelling test on Friday.

Spelling Connections

Parents and Students,

This year we are using a new spelling program titled Spelling Connections.  We will have new spelling words every week related to a particular spelling pattern.  The words your child receives will be based on a pretest score, and will come home with a letter to you showing how you can help them study.  Spelling test will be given on Fridays (unless holidays or other special circumstances are involved).  The students will have classwork to help them learn the word patters each week in class and a spelling homework menu to choose three assignments from per week (homework is due every Friday).  Also, if students have a device with a QR Reader app, they can scan the QR Code, and Zaner-Bloser will provide a Spelling Tutor to help students study their words.  (See if you have problems.)

The students are bringing home their first spelling test this Thursday, but they should have come home with new words (Unit 2) yesterday.  The lesson for this week is long i spelled y, i-consonant-e, or i.  Also, long 0 spelled 0-consonant-e, ow, or o.  The Zaner-Blosser’s research indicates word sorts can be a very effective way to learn the spelling of words.  Therefore, I have suggested to the students that they write their words on index cards, and sort them in various ways.  I will send home the various ways to sort them, and an Open Sort is for students to derive their own way, and have another person determine the type of sort.  So far, the students have done well on the first posttest!  It wouldn’t hurt to set up a reward system at home too!


Sharon Reid

A Peek at Our Week: August 14-18

Reading: We will be focusing on the 5 story elements this week and identifying them in picture books and short stories. The 5 Story Elements are: Plot, Characters, Setting, Theme, and Conflict.

Math: We will continue to work on whole number place value (ones to hundred millions), Powers of Ten, and Order of Operations.

Writing: We will be working on writing a personal narrative about a time we experienced strong feelings. We will make sure our personal narrative has a beginning, middle, and end (plot). We will also incorporate our other story elements in our narrative (characters, setting, theme, and conflict).

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the North and the South before the Civil War, the causes for the Civil War, famous Civil War battles, and important people of the Civil War.