Week of 5/21/18

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Happy Monday!  We only have a few more days left!  I am so excited to celebrate all summer birthdays with our class today!  Thank you so much for spoiling me for my birthday today!

This was a remarkable year!  Our class created some wonderful memories together!  Thank you to all parents for doing what you did to help make this year successful!  🙂

I hope all parent volunteers got to attend the Volunteer Tea this morning!

Please remember Tuesday and Wednesday are Early Release Days!  No book bags allowed on Wednesday!

Sack Lunch times for Tuesday & Wednesday:  10:30 am 

We will have an Ice Cream End of the Year Celebration for our class tomorrow after lunch so feel free to stop by!

I am sad that I am going miss the last day of school with our class!  My brother is graduating from Pharmacy School in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning and since it is a big milestone for our family, I would hate to miss it.  If you need to reach your child on Wednesday, please call the front office.   If I do not get to see you tomorrow at some point, have a wonderful summer!!!   🙂

Walk to the East Cobb Park today!

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As of right now, we are heading to the East Cobb Park at 11:30 am.  Our class will eat lunch in our classroom. 

If you would like to walk with us, please come to our classroom by 11:20 am.   If plans change, I will send out a message! 

Thank you!

Mrs. Patel

Living Wax Museum is tomorrow!

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Our  Living Wax Museum is tomorrow (5/16)!   The students have worked so hard in prepping for the big day!

Please join us from 10-11 am in our classroom!  Don’t forget to bring the purple ticket that was sent home to avoid signing in at the front lobby. 

I hope to see everyone tomorrow!  🙂   

Mrs. Patel

Week of 5/14/18

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!  This is the last full week of school!  We have a lot going on this week.

ALL Media Center books are due tomorrow (5/14)!

We are going to the Book Fair tomorrow (5/14) from 1:30-2 pm.  Students will be allowed to shop during this time.  The Book  Fair will not be open before or after school.

ALL Wax Museum display boards/costumes/props are due tomorrow!  We will be practicing our living wax museum at school.  Parent invites came home last week.  Please join us on Wednesday, May 16th from 10-11 am in our classroom!   I will be sending tickets in HW Folders tomorrow.  Please use that ticket to enter the school.

Last day of Target will be on Tuesday, May 15th!

STEM DAY is on Tuesday!  Please have your child wear their STEM shirt if you ordered one for him/her.

We are walking to the East Cobb Park on Thursday to celebrate the end of the school year!  I am looking for 3 volunteers to walk with us to the park.  We will leave right after lunch at 11:37 am.   Please email me if you can walk with us!   Please sign and return the permission slips ASAP!  They went home in Friday Folders.

Friday is Awards Day at 8:50 am in the cafeteria!  You will receive an email from me on Wednesday night if your child will be receiving an award for:

Perfect Attendance –  No Absences/No Tardies

Superior Attendance – No Absences/3 or Fewer Tardies 

A Honor Roll – All A’s All Year – Students may not have U’s in behavior and/or work study habits

A/B Honor Roll – All A/B’s All Year – Students may not have U’s in behavior and/or work study habits


We will have a 4th Grade Celebration on Friday after lunch.  Students will have a chance to get their yearbooks signed during this time on the playground.

Student of the Month Celebration will be on Friday as well!

Volunteer Tea is on May 21st!  Invitations went home in Friday Folders.

Please refer to the May calendar for all upcoming events.

This week we are learning:

-Reading:  Finish Historical Fiction Book  Club organizers

-Writing:  Wax Museum

-Math:  Finish Metric Measurement

-Social Studies:  Finish Civil War/Reconstruction


Specials:  Math Lab, Art, PE, Computer, Music 

-No more tests!!!



Field Day Tomorrow!

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Here are a few reminders for Field Day tomorrow:

-Students must wear class shirts!

-Apply sunscreen before coming to school!

-Bring a hat!  

-Wear comfortable clothing and shoes!

-Sack lunch in our classroom at 11:20 am

Parents are more than welcome to come join the fun! 🙂 


Lunch updates

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Due to Field Day this week, we are going to have different lunch times from tomorrow to Thursday.  Friday will be our normal lunch time.

Here are the lunch times:

*Tuesday (5/8):  9:36-10:06 am in Cafeteria

*Wednesday (5/9):  10:28-10:58 am in Cafeteria

*Thursday (5/10):   11:20 am in our classroom


Thank you,

Mrs. Patel

Week of 5/7/18

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Only 2 and 1/2 weeks left of school!   If you ordered a yearbook, it came home with your child today.

Our class enjoyed Career Day today and learned about different careers!

Thank you to Rey’s mom for making copies last week!

Target classes will resume tomorrow.   Last day of Target will be May 15th!

The marathon will be from 1-2 pm tomorrow and we will be cheering Trinh and Ezra on!

Thursday is Field Day!  Students must wear their class shirts on Thursday!  Students will eat lunch after Field Day in our classroom at 11:20 am.  We will watch 5th graders play kickball against teachers on Thursday afternoon from 1-2 pm!

Our class won the Lunch Eagles reward for April!  Admin will have an outside picnic with our class this Friday during lunch!

Please refer to the May calendar for other upcoming events.

The Living Wax Museum:   All research is due tomorrow!  We will write our speeches this week.  Students should begin working on their display board and costumes.  The display board and costume/props are due next Monday, the 14th.    Our class will present on May 16th.  All parents are invited so save the date!  Invitations will  come home this week.

ALL Media Center books are due on May 14th!

This week we are learning:

-Reading:  Finish Historical Fiction Book Clubs

-Writing:  Biography Research

-Math:  Customary Measurement/Metric Measurement

-Social Studies:  Civil War


Specials:  Science, No Specials , No Specials,  Field Day, Math Lab 



Wednesday (5/8): Open Notebook Measurement Test

Friday:  Spelling/Vocab Test

Wednesday (5/16):  Open Notebook Test on Civil War

Week of 4/30/18

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to Rey’s mom for making copies last week!  Thank you to Gen’s mom, Lucas’ mom, and Isabella’s grandmother for teaching Adventures in Art!

There are no Target classes tomorrow.

I sent home a calendar full with May events in Friday Folders.    Please refer to that calendar for upcoming events.

Career Day is next Monday, the 9th, from 9:00-11:00 am!

Progress Reports came home on Friday.  Please sign and return ASAP.

Student contracts for The Living Wax Museum are due tomorrow!  Please read it with your child, sign, and return with your child.  The rubric for the project will come home this Friday in Friday Folders.  Students are researching their historical figure this week in school.  All research is due on May 7th.  Our class will present on May 16th.  All parents are invited so save the date!

This week we are learning:

-Reading:  Historical Fiction; Book Clubs

-Writing:  Biography Research

-Math:  Customary Measurement

-Social Studies:  Causes of the Civil War


Specials: Art, PE, Computer, Music, PE



Friday:  Spelling/Vocab Test

Ecosystems Poster Project

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Your child brought home an Ecosystem Poster Project today in their HW Folder.  I have provided students with 1 piece of long white construction paper to complete their projects on.  Please review the directions and rubric on the back with your child. 


Students must turn in the rubric with their poster.  Posters are due on Monday, 4/30/18.  10 points will be taken off for each day of lateness.


Thank you!

Mrs. Patel