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STEM Programs for kids 3rd-8th


Did you know that Georgia Youth Science and Technology, Inc. offers some pretty amazing Saturday STEM programs for kids in grades 3rd-8th?

For more information about our programs or to register for an upcoming class, please visit www.gystc.org.

Spring 2019 Saturday Program Flyer-1dn2qp0



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Resources for Teachers



3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers: Resources

iExplore STEM: iExplore

Engineer Girl Site by Lockheed Martin: Resources for Educators

How to spark student innovation? Article

Engineer your classroom:  Download EngineerYourClassroom


35 resources to inspire…Resources!



Books for teaching:

Animal Books

Matter books

Motion books

Rocks books

Scientific method book

Sound books


List of websites of STEM lessons and STEM challenges.

STEM Collaborative


Project Wild

Siemens STEM Academy

STEM Works

National STEM Centre

Teach Engineering


Injecting art into STEM: STEAM



How to design a STEM lesson: 12 Steps


Reading and Math thinking STEM:

Download MathThinkingStemGuide

Download ReadingThinkingStemGuide

These STEMs truly help students think about their reading and writing. I have used the reading STEM for journal writing for second graders. However, I have not used the math STEM. If you use the math STEM, please email me and let me know how it worked for your students. 



55 best Ipad apps for the classroom


Science Experiments

Note Taking App Evernote

Solar System 3D

Hubble Telescope


Science 360

Literature connection: Literature connection to science

Are you stuck on how to teach science vocabulary?

science vocabulary ideas


Engineering free blueprint maker online:


Engineering Lesson Plans: Engineering aligned with standards

STEM Freebies and more:

Download EngineeringisEasyPosters

Download STEMDesignCycleFREEGraphicOrganizer

Download STEMProjectRubrics

Download LabExpectations

Download STEMEngineeringChallengeProjectsFREEStudentRoleSheets-1

Download STEMEngineeringStarterKitforTeacherselementarylevel


Want to learn about different types of engineers and more?  Engineers


Picture 1








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Resources for Parents


 Science at home with everyday items:  https://www.scientificamerican.com/education/bring-science-home/


Bill Nye The Science Guy

Cool app lets kids blast off, bubble, and dig into science concepts            




Pros:Bill Nye knows how to bring science topics to life for kids.


Cons:Some of the text-heavy sections require adult help if kids aren’t fluent readers.


Bottom Line:Absorbing, info-rich app uses videos, DIY experiments, and so much more to get kids interested in science.
Grades: 2-5
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch



Science books with experiments: Books


Anything from STEM careers to activities your child can do at home.



Science at home:


Tips for encouraging your child with science.

Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat


Want to purchase STEM toys to inspire exploration?  Toys



Free science iPad apps to use at home for kids:

Science Experiments

Note Taking App Evernote

Solar System 3D

Hubble Telescope



Science 360



I am not familiar with Android apps, but here is a Pinterest page with lots of science apps for kids of all ages.

Science Android Apps on PInterest


Teach your child to code with this free app:



Keep an engineering box at home for your child to create inventions.





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Why STEM education?



Does STEM education increase test scores?



Does STEM education increase student engagement?



How can STEM transform teaching?



Where can I get information on STEM in Georgia?

STEM Georgia


How can teachers/parents encourage girls to become involved in STEM?


More Information





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STEM Lab Expectations



Check out the expectations for STEM Lab behavior.


Download LabExpectations


STEMists will be expected to follow the lab expectations.


STEMists work collaboratively in small groups to solve problems.







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Pitner STEM Lab



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