September 17-21


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On Thursday, September 20th the students will have a vision screening provided by the Lion’s Club of Marietta. If your student wears eyeglasses, we ask that they remember to wear them to school on Thursday. Hearing screenings will take place in October.

Friday September 21 is the International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”).  Peace Day is observed around the world each year on September 21. Established in 1981 by a unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.  To celebrate this wonderful day, Kincaid staff and students are participating in several activities.

  • Teachers will  facilitate lessons and activities to promote kindness and acceptance.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear “Peace” themed clothes to school. Break out your tye-dyes, headbands, bellbottoms etc. to celebrate peace at Kincaid and in our larger world.
  • Mrs. Rausch will create “Pinwheels for Peace” with all students to display outside on the front lawn.  These pinwheels will be put out on the afternoon of September 20th. You and your student are welcome to view the display on the evening of September 20th or on September 21st.

Monday is Constitution Day, we will observe the day by making  Tri-Corner hats, as was the fashion of the time in 1787. We will have lessons and make a booklet for the remembrance of the day.

Thursday is library day, please return library books from home in order to check out 2 new books.

Raz-Kids is available for our class to use at home. Go to the Raz Kids site, our class is pgarner4. Students find their name and the know their log in. This is a great reading tool to use at home especially over the fall break next week.

This week we are working on addition/subtraction strategies in math (counting on 1,2,3, counting on using a number line, counting back 1,2,3, counting back using a number line).We are working toward fluency within 10 in addition/subtraction. In phonics,  final consonant clusters  such as words ending in /nk/ sink, /ng/ sing, /nd/ send. In writing we continue to work in the narrative genre, our focus is editing. In guided reading we are working with non-fiction text. In social studies we are learning about land forms. First graders need to identify mountains, valleys, deserts, and coast.

Have a great week.


September 10-14


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Testing is over for our first graders. The children did a great job taking their first standardized test. I am proud of their hard work and effort. We didn’t get to several of the lessons I planned for last week so much of the material will roll over to this week.

  • Math: addition/subtraction strategies
  • Phonics: ending /s/ blends
  • Guided Reading: meeting with teachers and working on fluency, characters, setting, retelling the story and decoding skills
  • Writing:  personal narratives, editing and revising
  • Social Studies: locating our country, county, state, and city, on a map, knowing their home address, and land forms

Have a great week.

September 4-7


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Our class was unable to go to the library last week due to the library being closed and our time cancelled. We will visit this Thursday at our regular time. I would rather students not try to go before the bell (Wednesday and Friday) due to testing. We need to make sure we are in the classroom and ready to begin promptly.

Testing will begin Wednesday and conclude Friday. Please let your child know that though the test is important it is nothing to worry about. They should eat a good breakfast and arrive to school on time with as little stress as possible.

This week we will begin a unit on addition and subtraction in math, we will  use the strategies counting on, counting on a number line, and counting back. In phonics we are working with /s/ blends at the end of words such as wasp. We will meet with reading groups this week and practice reading strategies within the group. In writing we continue the personal narrative genre. In social studies we begin a unit on map skills, students need to locate and identify on a map our continent, country, state, county and city, they also need to know their address. You may help them learn this at home. I will ask them to write their address at the end of this unit.

Have a great week.





August 27-31


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  • Wednesday is picture day, all students will be photographed for the yearbook picture.
  • Wednesday is Early Release, students are dismissed at 12:15.
  • Thursday is library day, please return all library books.
  • Foundation Friday Fundraiser, wear your college team shirt $2.00 donation requested.

We are wrapping up our math unit on extending the counting sequence and place value this week. In phonics we are working with /s/ blends such as /st/ /sp/ /sk/. In writing we continue to work in the narrative genre. In reading groups we meet with the teachers working on story elements, phonics skills, and fluency. In science we continue to learn about weather events and record weather conditions on our weather calendar. We have had 18 days of school and we are really getting in to the routine of the school day. The students have worked hard and I know they are ready for a long weekend coming up.

Please remind students not to bring toys from home unless they have earned the privilege through their card punches and Treasure Box (show and tell, bring a stuffed animal). This creates disruptions in the class and a break in instruction. We had a “whoopee cushion” this week that really set off a series of events, as fun as that seems for a child school is not the place for it.

Have a great week and a nice Labor Day Weekend.


August 20-24


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  • Thursday is our library day, please return library books by Thursday.
  • Clubs start this week, please send a note with your child if they will stay after school for a club.

This week we continue to work with building base ten number sense by practicing our counting and writing numbers to 120. Students need to begin counting at any number and continue to 120. We are also working with place value. In phonics we are learning /r/ blends such as /fr/, /br/, /gr/, /tr/. In writing we continue to write personal narratives. Our reading groups are coming along great as we continue to build stamina in independent reading and meeting in guided reading groups with the teachers. Mrs. Letendre our first grade ESOL instructor and reading specialist,  comes to our classroom during guided reading and is part of our reading rotation. In science we continue to learn about weather, this week we will focus on weather instruments and recording weather data.

We are making good progress after just two full weeks of school. The children continue to adjust to greater independence and first grade expectations. I am proud of their hard work. I was especially proud of them Friday when we experienced an unexpected alarm during our writing time. They followed procedure and did a great job.

Have a wonderful week.

August 13-17


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Our class had library orientation on Thursday. Our weekly library day is Thursday. Students are able to check out 2 books, one will stay at school in their book bins in our classroom, the other will come home with them for home reading. Students are allowed to use a library pass and visit the library on their own before the bell each morning.

Students need ear buds or head phones for listening on the computers. We plan to open the listening station this week.

Homework begins this week. Look for the one page front/back paper in red folders. We completed the Week 1 homework together in class this past week so we begin Week 2 on Monday.

This week we are working on Place Value in math working with teen numbers, tens and ones, and and counting to 120. In reading we are identifying main idea. In phonics we are reading /l/ blends. In writing we are writing personal narratives and focusing on small moments of an event. In science we will begin a unit on weather and begin recording weather data.

Have a great week.

August 6-10


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We had a great start to our school year last week. The children are quickly learning our routines for the classroom. Remember we have Parent Night this Thursday.

If your child has a set of headphones or earbuds they may bring those to school anytime. We will use the laptops this week on Thursday and it is nice if they have their own headphones.

In math this week we are continuing to work with Data. Last week we learned about taking a survey and that a Tally Mark shows that a given choice received a vote. We totaled tallies, and answered  questions about the Data.  In Language Arts this week we continue to work on reading stamina, talk about what good readers do, and practice what we will be doing during reading group rotations. In writing we will discuss what good writers do, talk about how we decide what to write, and begin writing personal narratives. In social studies we will talk about various parts of social studies including geography, history, and map skills. In phonics we begin a review of letters and sounds learned in kindergarten.

The math papers that came home on Friday were partially completed in class. Several of the questions were quite challenging for the beginning of the year. There is never going to be a “perfect” page out of a math workbook. I am not concerned if your child incorrectly answered questions about comparisons of numbers of 2 categories. I mainly wanted them to know how to total tally marks, and answer questions about total numbers or which choice had more or less tallies. Comparisons and differences were not introduced therefore I would not expect them to know how to determine that yet. We are just beginning this road together and we have a lot of time to get where we need to be.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Garner

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