6th Grade SCIENCE conference WEEK

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6th Grade SCIENCE conference WEEK

Greetings parents and family,

Conference week at Garrett Middle is the week of, October 16th-October 20th. The conference week signupGenius is designed to be an efficient way for parents to request a conference with your scholar’s teachers. The first conference will begin at 1:45p.m. and the last conference will begin at 4:15p.m., daily.  Each conference will last for 15 minutes with a 2 minute transition time. Parents we ask that you make your appointments, no later than, 12:00p.m. the day of your appointment.

If you would like to meet with me during conference week, please click the following link to sign up:


You may also visit other teacher’s websites to access their link to sign up for conferences with them as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns. Look forward to meeting you all during conference week!


Hello all!!  We will be on early release schedule, Thursday, October 12, 2017 @ 1:30 pm for Garrett Middle School.  Starting next Monday, October 16, 2017 – Friday, October 20, 2017, students will dismiss at 1:30pm and Parent/Teacher conferences will begin.  PLEASE sign up, if you need a conference with the teachers you need to see.


This week, we are finishing up on Weathering & Erosion and beginning Soil…  it’s an exciting “project based” time.  We will be doing a lot of fun things in Science, ask your student about the VOLCANO experiment!!!  FUNNNNN waiting to be HAD!

Check out my lesson plan bookmark, it’s full of excitement!  Happy Tuesday and have a BLESSED week!




Ms. Hutchison



FIRST complete week back AFTER Fall Break!

WE MADE IT!!  Full (Harvest) Moon and all!!!  This has been a very successful week for Science, we accomplished all that we intended to and then some…. 🙂  We are all set for the Weathering, Erosion & Soil part of our Unit 2, I believe the students are enjoying the beginning and seem to be anticipating getting a WONDERFUL start to being back.

I hope Fall Break was restful, kind and safe for everyone; glad to be back!!


Check out my lesson plans bookmark tab for our current activities in class & don’t forget to sign up for Parent Conferences, October 16 – 20, 2017!!!



THANKS & Happy Fall Y’all!!

Ms. Hutchison

FALL BREAK (September 25-29, 2017)

Sixth Grade Unit 2 Parent Information-26r6npn


HELLO, my fellow 6th grade supporters!!  We are finished with our Rocks & Minerals Unit, and are beginning our Weather, Erosion & Soil Unit.  Above i have added a link to help know where we’re heading when we return from break.


REMINDER: We are ON FALL BREAK:   September 25 – 29, 2017!, NO SCHOOL!!  I’ll see you back at GMS on October 2, 12017.  ENJOY and be safe, please!!



DISRUPTION of Hurricane Irma….

WHEW!  Hurricane studying isn’t until we start Weather in a few months… but Hurricane Irma sure taught us some lessons…  THE FIRST time in Atlanta Area’s history we’ve been under a hurricane warning!!!  Our students are a part of an amazing history of local weather!

We are collecting Hurricane HELP items for Hurricane Harvey, and now Hurricane Irma relief!  The items the students may bring are:  SOAP, TOOTH PASTE, TOOTH BRUSHES,  & DEODORANT.. 

With all that said, WHEW, I’m glad that we’re all safe, healthy, and back at GMS! We’ve had to regroup a bit, put off some things until next week and add some things, also.  Check out the lesson plan blog entry, that’ll keep you posted.  Again, glad we’re all back and safe!!

Thanks for ALL you do!

Ms. Hutchison

DIAMOND DEL FIELD TRIP, POSTPONED until December 5, 2017 $10

Your student should have brought home a field trip permission form, this will be an exciting field trip the students will enjoy.  Each student will have the opportunity to go mining for gems, rocks & minerals.  Students will also be allowed to bring EXTRA money for the gem, rock or mineral to be put into a necklace, key chain or purchase out of the gift store.  This is will enhance our study of Rocks & Minerals and the Rock Cycle for your 6th grader.  THANK YOU!!


Ms. Hutchison



Today, in your 6th grade Science classes, we will be administering your student’s first major assessment.  We have been exploring the Rocks & Minerals of 6th grade.   Also, each student will have an opportunity to do a learning lab of the ROCK CYCLE this week during ELT, it’s a CANDY bar lab…   It’s fun and the students that have already participated have LOVED it… 🙂


Happy Wednesday!  I hope your long weekend was awesome last weekend.  Friday , September 8, 2017, we are goinog to the Media Center and exploring the Rock Cycle on GIZMOS, as your student~~~ it’s AWESOME being in 6th grade SCIENCE!!!


Ms. Hutchison


EARLY dismissal today!!

Great WEEK, thus far!! We are dismissing today at 1:30pm.  I have put book info; syllabus info, contact info… whatever you need, it’s available.!!

We’re about to complete the ROCK CYCLE and we’ve got some GREAT learning going on!!!! YAY!


Ms. Hutchison

ECLIPSE viewing was AWESOME!

We watched and successfully discussed with the students that stayed at GMS today,  with Kennesaw Mountain High School staff and students, NASA, and CBSN; amazing information and views.  We went back and forth and listened to all the interesting facts, and viewed amazing sights…  We’re all looking forward to 2024 for a couple different reasons, THE NEXT SOLAR ECLIPSE, and graduation for THIS 6th grade class!!


Getting back to normal, as normal as we can, is something I’m looking forward to tomorrow…. THANK YOU!