Homework for November 16th

Field Trip to the Courthouse tomorrow.  Dress nicely.

Please sign and return progress report to school tomorrow!

Morning Work Quiz tomorrow

Reading: 30 minutes; Post it notes due 11/27

Math:  “How’s Business” worksheet; Test on Division with partial quotient and traditional algorithm 11/29

Science: Test on physical and chemical changes tomorrow

Homework for November 15th

Morning Work quiz on Friday

Reading: 30 minutes; finish book club books by the Monday after Thanksgiving

New vocabulary words were given out today

Math: Worksheet entitled “Divide by a 2 digit divisor” (6 problems)

Book Fair this week

Dress nicely for the courthouse field trip on Friday

Thank you for all of the Thanksgiving meal items you donated!

Homework for November 14th

Morning Work quiz Friday

Reading: 30 minutes; Finish Book club books and PostIts

Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow

Writing:  Ask your child how far they have gotten on their non-fiction research paper.  to be on track, they should have completed the paragraph for Heading 2 today

Math:  Long Division 9 problem worksheet – divide using the traditional method (algorithm)

Our class will be shopping the book fair tomorrow (10:15-10:35).  The book fair does not accept checks.

Please dress nicely for the Courthouse Field Trip Friday.  Nothing too fancy or uncomfortable – use your best judgement.

Homework for November 13th

Morning Work quiz on Friday

Courtroom Field Trip on Friday

Book Fair this week

Thanksgiving Meal collection

Reading: 30 minutes; Post Its for last section of Book Club book

Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday

Writing:  Students need to be drafting their research paper now; ask students about their progress

Math:  Worksheet called “division word problems”; use the traditional long division strategy to solve

Homework for November 10

Reading: 30 minutes; Post Its due Monday

Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday

Writing:  Students need to be ready to draft their nonfiction research papers on Monday; ask your child what their 4 headings are going to be

Science: Questions on pages 170-1 (skip 18, 19); students had time to finish in class, but some did not

Social Studies: Questions on page 241; students had time to finish in class, but some did not

Book Fair next week

Scholastic Book orders (online) are due Friday, November 17th

Have a good weekend!

Homework for November 8

Morning Work quiz on Friday

Reading: 30 minutes; Book Club post it notes

New Vocabulary lists were handed out today

Writing: Make sure your notes have enough structure (organization) to start drafting on Monday

Math: 2 problems to be solved using the partial quotient strategy (written in math journal)




Homework for November 6th

Morning work quizzes on Friday: math and verb tenses

Reading: 30 minutes; Post It notes for Monday

Writing: Work on nonfiction organization

Math: Quiz Wednesday on the Powers of 10 only; Partial Quotient strategy worksheet (6 problems)

Sign and return Yellow folders

Optional:  Thank you letter to a soldier; only paper and crayons/markers/colored pencils – no glitter, construction paper, tape, or banners

No School tomorrow!


Homework for November 1st

No Morning Work quiz this Friday

No new vocabulary words passed out today.  New words will be passed out next Wednesday.

Reading: 30 minutes; Book Club post its due Monday

Writing:  Continue with research and creating headings/organization for the research paper

Math: Unit 5 Worksheet; Multiplying and Dividing Decimals by Powers of 10

Think about Ellis Island “costume”