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Flames of Frey, AIM HIGH!

Typing Club

Students will be using Typing Club to work on keyboarding skills as part of our overall preparation for our end of year testing.

Please use this link for Typing Club and the login information (found in your child’s binder) to practice and work towards the Words per Minute challenges.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Quarter 3 Notes

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are half way through fourth grade, what a great first semester of learning and growing!  The remainder of the year will require students to continue improving in their level of independence overall; a higher level of thinking will support them in problem solving and thinking more deeply about the texts they read.  We will be working to help develop these skills each day and appreciate your support in helping them continue this at home.


Reading:  In Quarter 3,  students explore perspectives in the American Revolution. Students study reasons why the 13 American colonies decided to declare independence, how colonists’ opinions differed on this decision, and how the perspectives of free and enslaved blacks were both similar and different from the perspective of the white colonists. After a study of these various perspectives, students construct an opinion piece proclaiming reasons to be a Loyalist or a Patriot. We will begin by connecting our Social Studies knowledge and building background knowledge on the war itself through close readings of several informational texts. Students will read closely to practice drawing inferences as they begin to think about what events happened in the war and why they happened. They also begin to gather evidence on the perspectives of the Patriots and Loyalists.  Students will read the historical fiction play, Divided Loyalties, along with other stories related to life during this time period to deepen their understanding of colonists perspectives.

Writing:  Students will apply a variety of strategies to develop an information essay that successfully uses structure, nonfiction text features, and compelling content to bring information to life.


Important Dates: 

Monday, January 20:  No School – MLK Day

Thursday, January 23: Library Field trip (normal lunch)

Wednesday, February 5: Progress Reports Available in ParentVUE

February 24-28: Winter Break

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Report Cards

Quarter 2 Report Cards are posted in ParentVUE for you to review.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing holiday!

December will be very busy as we continue working on our Q2 standards; as you are work with your child at home, these reading standards can be referenced for discussion as they apply to all subjects.  Our goal is to help develop a level of independent thinking in our students, they are working on the application of these skills in all areas.  You can support them by guiding their thinking with these standards as the foundation:

  • I can determine the main idea using specific details from the text. (4.RI.2)
  • I can interpret information presented through charts or graphs. I can explain how that information helps me understand the text around it. (4.RI.7)
  • I can determine the meaning of academic words or phrases in an informational text. (4.RI.4)
  • I can determine the meaning of content words or phrases in an informational text. (4.RI.4)

We will be sending out Remind notices for upcoming events, please let us know if you have any questions!

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New Challenge for our Canned Food Drive…

Click the link below to learn about the new challenge for individual students!  And don’t forget to send in the “Requested” food items by Friday, November 15!

Canned Food Challenge

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School Climate Survey for PARENTS

We previously posted a link to the School Climate Survey for PARENTS on our blog.  If you haven’t completed that survey, please take a few moments to complete it now.  Your responses contribute to our CCRPI score!

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Canned Food Drive

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  And this year there’s a twist to Frey’s annual Canned Food Donation Drive!  The class who collects the most items from the REQUESTED food item list will get to play in an All Star Kickball game against some of Frey’s finest athletes…and a few special guests!

Check out the flyer for details, and let’s start bringing in food to share with those in need!

Kickball Game Flyer

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Congratulations Ms. O’Connell!

Congratulations to  Mr. & Mrs. Mayton on your recent wedding!!! Wishing you a lifetime of adventure, love, and happiness!


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Hi Parents,

Many of your kiddos (but not all)  have said they can’t access FasttMath using the links I originally included below.  I asked Mrs. Sherman to do a little research since she’s our technology guru, and she found another link we can try.  Please follow the NEW LINK below to see if this allows your student to log in.  Reminder, it will NOT work from a “device”.  Laptops or desktops are what we’re being asked to use.


There may also be an issue with Adobe Flashplayer, so if you don’t have that software installed, that may be the cause for the difficulty.  If you’re comfortable downloading that, it may allow FASTTMath to run.

We’ve begun using a program/website called FASTTMath, published by Scholastic.  The program  provides opportunities for students to practice math facts and keeps track of their progress, narrowing their focus to the facts they need to master next.

We’ll log in periodically at school, but students can log in from home as well, if the login works for you! 😉  You can try these links to see if they work for you.  Students use their Student ID (lunch number) as their login and their password.



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Estimating around “The World”

We recently finished up our mini-unit on Rounding and Estimating, and one of our lessons began with this fantastic time-lapse video from Walt Disney World.  This video is a great visual of the numbers of people who visit the Disney Parks each day and why Disney World has to do a lot of estimating to prepare for those visitors!  (And because it was shot in Florida, we got to see some BEAUTIFUL clouds develop, too!)  I promised the kids I’d share it on the blog, so please enjoy! 🙂


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