Lesson plans for the week of August 20th!

This week we will be continuing developing skills with summarizing and making connections. We are utilizing the Someone, Wanted, But, So strategy for summarizing. To assist students with making connections to the text we use the text-to-text, text-to-self and the text-to-world strategy.


As a class we will be reading Under the Royal Palms as an anchor text.

The Resource class will be further exploring podcast production on Friday.


Have a great week!

For the week of August 13-17.

Students will be taking the Reading Inventory on Monday to determine their reading level. The week will be focusing on visualizing and the elements of Informational text.

Students in reading resource will be in the media center on Friday to learn more about how we will be producing our podcast.

There will be a short quiz on Friday covering the bell ringers.

For the week of August 6 – 10th.

We’ve gotten off to a great start. We have completed the Math Curse Project and grades will be posted in the next couple of days.

This week AC Reading will be working on BEFORE, DURING and AFTER strategies and applying those in their reading.

We will be reading articles related to the Middle East to ready students for an essay in their writing class.


Reading Resource will begin planning for their podcast.




100-500 pages = 1 book

500-1000 pages = 2 books

1000-140d0 pages = 3 books

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to a productive and successful year with your student!


Ms. Dycus

Lesson Plans for the week of March 26th!

lesson plans MARCH 26-11pexup

Spring Break is the week of April 2- 6. When we return we will have one week to prepare for the Milestone Test. Some of my students will be testing online and we have been using the laptops almost daily to practice typing, writing and maneuvering around the computer.

Please talk with your students about being serious during the planning sessions because it will impact their performance on the state test.