Week of April 29th

Periods 4 – 7 are reading documents about Mansa Musa and interpreting those documents to create a five paragraph essay. This is in readiness for 8th grade and high school DBQ requirements. Beginning the week of May 6th we will return to the book Outsiders and complete small writing responses in conjunction with that.



One of our NPR podcast entries won an honorable mention. This is amazing since there were 6,000 entries and only 2 overall winners. I am very proud to be apart of this achievement.

Because we have little access to technology and the podcast equipment for the rest of the year. I have allowed students to choose another project to complete. Some are doing book talks and other are creating their own research based project.



The week of March 11th

Reading AC has finished the class novel  of ROLL OF THUNDER HEAR MY CRY and will complete the summative task of creating a body biography. March 18th is the due date for this project. The link below details the project requirements.

GRASPS Task Design Prompts Narrative- body biography-2ndrzdx

All students will be taking the reading inventory this week.

Gifted Resource – Students are in various phases of writing, producing and editing podcasts and scripts. The class is a little behind schedule but we are making it work. Most students should be writing Podcast script 5.


The last week of February

Reading classes had a book report due on February 25th. Our next book report project is due on March 7th. We will be taking a bell ringer quiz this Friday.


PODCAST Project is making steady progress. Even though we are not moving as quickly as I had hoped, the amount of creative, organizational and technical skills required has grown tremendously as we are setting the bar a little higher with each podcast we finish.



The week of February 4th!

The next book report project is due February 5th.

We are still working on characterization with an emphasis on mood and tone. Please talk to your students about the text, ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY.

Check out the tinyurl posted below for the status of the podcasts. This week we will be working on our team status and team members will be writing job descriptions. I’m very proud of the teamwork between individuals and teams. There is lots of creativity and problem solving taking place.

The week of January 27th

Book report project 12 is due on February 5th.

We have spent the past couple of weeks studying characterization using the book Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. We will complete the book study with an in-class project due the week of February 2oth.

There are several podcasts which have been posted. Please see me if you are having difficulty. I should have scripts and podcasts through podcast 3 uploaded on the tiny url by January 30th.

Happy New Year!

Here are the updates for the podcast dates:




1-11                  7 minute podcast with voice over 

1-30                  10 minute podcast with music 

2-15                  15 minute podcast with interview and one other element 

3-1                     20 minute podcast with storytelling and two other elements 

3-22                   final project outline and script 

4-12                   final project – 30 minute podcast 

Please visit tinyurl.com/y9r46dww for further info,


There was a change in the due dates for the book report projects:

The December 20th is now due January 8th.

The January 8th project is now due January 14th.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back. 2019 is going to be a great year.

The book report that was due December 20th was pushed to January 8th.

The book report due on January 8th will now be due on the 14th.

We are evaluating the characterization elements used by authors. Students will be applying this to their in-class reading as well as their personal reading book.

Urgent Podcast Update

All content for podcasts will be posted on:


Students should post scripts as instructed in class by December 10th for script 2.

The new fully produced podcast due date is December 18th.

Parents should be able to also go to this site to listen to podcasts posted there.

The first week of December!

Everyone has been given until December 10th for book report project 8!

We will be taking the Reading Inventory on December 7th. The test will count as the unit 2 summative and the grade will be based on the amount of growth the student has shown from the 8/31 test.

We will be working on context clues for periods 4 – 7, and will begin a multigenre project the following week. It will be due before we leave on December 21st. Information will be forthcoming.

Reading Resource will also have until December 10th to turn in the completed podcast 2 and script. We have the equipment up and running and this podcast should involve the use of these new items.

I will be sending home a link so that parents can listen and share these podcasts with their loved ones.

The week of November 26th!

I hope everyone has a great holiday week. This week we are looking closer at text structure as it relates to plot. We will continue to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and apply the strategies we are learning to that text as well as our pleasure reading book. The next book report is due on November 27th!


The podcasts are really coming together. We have submitted our first one and when we return from break we will be learning the specialized equipment that we have purchased. We are also scheduling a time when a professional podcaster can come in and speak to the class about using the equipment in the most professional manner.