The first week of October.

When we return from the break, we will be close to the end of the quarter. This week back we will be completing the last 2 chapters of UNDER THE ROYAL PALMS, testing over the book, completing a small project, and taking the end of quarter exam. So we are going to be very busy.

The second week of October is conference week and I will be scheduling a time for you to come in and review your students progress. I look forward to working with each of you during this time.

Our third book report project is due on October 2nd.


Have a great week!

Lesson Plan for the week of September 10th.

This week we will complete and present our Fake Facebook page project. We will also continue with Under the Royal Palms as well as completing our next book report project which is due on September 13th.

Our podcast project is growing exponentially and we are looking at the technical aspects of producing our podcast.

Lesson Plans for the week of September 10th.

This weeks skill focus is inferencing and the IT SAY I SAY AND SO strategy. Students will be reading Under the Royal Palms to reinforce the strategy. On Friday we will be having another Bell Ringer Quiz.

The next book report project is due on September 13th.

The week will be busy since we will be conducting the CoGAT and ITBS.

Have a great week!