The last week of February

Reading classes had a book report due on February 25th. Our next book report project is due on March 7th. We will be taking a bell ringer quiz this Friday.


PODCAST Project is making steady progress. Even though we are not moving as quickly as I had hoped, the amount of creative, organizational and technical skills required has grown tremendously as we are setting the bar a little higher with each podcast we finish.



The week of February 4th!

The next book report project is due February 5th.

We are still working on characterization with an emphasis on mood and tone. Please talk to your students about the text, ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY.

Check out the tinyurl posted below for the status of the podcasts. This week we will be working on our team status and team members will be writing job descriptions. I’m very proud of the teamwork between individuals and teams. There is lots of creativity and problem solving taking place.