Podcast – Resource class

We are in the middle of October and have had an interesting and eye-opening week. The students have been researching the school and the community and are determining which issues they would like to address. We are making this a personal project. For example, it is not about homelessness, but giving homelessness a name by spotlighting an individual or specific group of individuals who have faced this issue.

I feel as a class we are growing and learning at a tremendous rate and it has been a wonderful experience working with the students o this.


The first week of September we will be exploring marketing techniques for our podcasts. We will further our study into editing techniques in preparation for production.

By the end of the second week of September we should be in full production mode. I will provide students with a rubric so that they are aware of how their podcast will be evaluated.

Students will be assigned a new team for the second quarter which should generate new podcast ideas.