Baby Perkins arrived!

Dear all, I know we were expecting baby Josephine to arrive during Spring Break, but she came early as a surprise. Keep working hard – your sub will be great and your hard work throughout the year will continue to show. I know we had make up work dates planned, but because Josephine came early, […]

Notes: Latin America (powerpoint)

View the following link to update your notes/ review what we are learning about Latin America in March!  This is an Office 365 file but has been made public for anyone with the link to access

Week of March 5-9

Date Tasks Special Notes Monday Review March learning expectations. LEARNING EXPECTATIONS FOR MARCH-23iv8g2   Complete notes about the physical features of Latin America physical features of latin america AND unit vocab-25ta3ft     4:45-5:30 PM Tutoring   HW: Study for map quiz on Thursday Tuesday Review March calendar. MARCH SCHEDULE FOR STUDENTS AND BELLRINGERS-2ljyxc0   […]


On Thursday, March 8th students will have the unit map quiz. It will assess their knowledge of the physical features and select countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The map was completed in class on Friday, 3/2. The blank map for practice: blank map LA and C-1oh4bob   The complete map: complete map LA and C-2a5p7nv

Week of February 26-March 2nd

Monday: Review Canada and Australia. Study guide due. Tuesday: Take test over Canada and Australia. Wednesday: Fernbank field trip Thursday: Computer lab day – begin March project on Latin America and the Caribbean Friday: Maps of Latin America and the Caribbean physical features and project time

Week of Feb. 12-16

Monday: An additional day was allowed to complete final details for the children’s book written about the government systems of Canada. Tuesday: Students began the Text Dependent Questions packet for Canada. All students must complete the article + questions about beavers. Students may choose their second topic – either the Great Lakes or an informational text about the development […]

Test + Study Guide: Australia and Canada

We have come to the end of our studies on Canada and Australia. These topics were quizzed separately but will be assessed together. The TEST will be on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018. The study guide was distributed on Friday, Feb. 16th and is available below.  Study Guide – AustraliaCanada-21oqv1x I have very high expectations for this test, […]