Monday/Tuesday , November 13/14th

Enter your answers for the mid point review Review for the Test on Thursday. You have a few options. Whichever you choose, it will be checked on THUSRDAY during the test Create a mind map. You will need multiple sheets of paper, or one hiant paper (stapling is okay) to cover all concepts from Unit […]

Upcoming dates/ important events

11/14: meets at 8AM in Mrs. Tillman’s classroom. This club focuses on organizational support and developing study skills. 11/15: Harry Potter club meeting from 4:45-5:45. At this meeting we will be creating Hogwarts style invitation letters to give to friends who might want to join our club 11/16: Yearbook picture make up day. 11/16: […]

Week of November 6-10th

Monday: Students will read about the Cold War and complete 25 text based questions The Cold War article-27seubm The Cold War organizer-1cb92fc   Tuesday:  No school Wednesday: Students will complete any unfinished questions in response to the Cold War source Thursday: Students will start the DBQ essay in class. Friday: Students will finish the DBQ […]

Week of October 30-November 3rd

This is DBQ week! It’s very exciting! All students in Cobb County schools complete these DBQ projects. As a team, Individuals and Societies has chosen to complete the Treaty of Versailles DBQ because it most closely aligns with our current standards. All 6th grade students complete this DBQ with the same materials, regardless of team placement. […]

October 23-27

October is a busy month! On the radar this week: Thanksgiving Food Drive for families in need begins. Talent show 10/26 6:30-8:30 Monday/ Tuesday: review relevant materials in preparation for the mid point assessment Wednesday: Students will take the mid point review assessment. This counts as a quiz grade. Students will also turn in their 20 note […]

October 16-20th

Upcoming assessments: Midpoint review QUIZ on Wednesday, October 25th Topics included: Russian revolution, end of WWI, Worldwide depression, Unit 2 terms, the Rise of Nazism, the Holocaust, Communism, the Cold War, Collapse of the Soviet Union The study guide is attached UNIT 2 History of Europe Part 2 Review-1luxsi8 Unit terms and notes PowerPoint attached below […]