Class Dojo

Dear families, Class Dojo is an engagement tool that team 6-2 will be using this year. Our goal is to give parents a view into the classroom by sharing pictures and videos of our activities. Please contact me if you have not yet signed up. I plan to use Class Dojo for sharing our activities […]

Homeroom students and parents

This message is ONLY for my homeroom/ 1st period families! A copy of this letter is also going home on Tuesday, October 9th.     Dear Families, We are hosting conference week through our homeroom/ 1st period classes. These conferences will take place October 15-19th. Your child is in my homeroom/ 1st period class, and […]

Access Class Notebooks

1st period 2nd period  Period 3 4th period 5th period     Resources to use – NOT Google! Best Tools: (yes, you can use others) Galileo Teen Ebsco Discovery Education Encyclopedias websites that end in  –> .edu   .gov   .org

Assignments due 10/2 (after fall break)

In class on Friday 9/21 students completed the vocabulary quiz. After the quiz there were 2 assignments to start/ complete using class time, and are due on Tuesday, 10/2, after the break. These are due on Tuesday because I know that it is unlikely that all students will remember to do this over the break, and I […]

Quiz, Friday 9/21

Friday 9/21 – Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz Know and be able to identify/ use the following terms Unit 2 Vocabulary Allies – the victorious alliance of nations in World War I armistice – a formal ceasefire Central Powers – the defeated alliance of nations in World War I communism – a sociopolitical model wherein all […]

September 10-14th

Monday and Tuesday: Distribute study guide and participate in intentional review and study strategies. The purpose of devoting two days in class to study skills is so that students can learn how to replicate these skills at home when preparing for tests. Wednesday: Unit 1 Assessment Thursday and Friday: Begin Unit 2   Are you interested in what […]