Week of 9/9/19

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Second grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Bat Scouting Clues Logic

Research: Media Center – lesson and research time

Relationships & Connections: Read Chapter 5 & 6 and answer questions.

Algebraic Thinking: Patterns – Is it a Pattern?, Name the Pattern, Color the Pattern


  1. Finish Notecard 1 & 2 ( Description of Bat, and Habitat of Bat.)
  2. Get Step 2 signed on Long Range Planner
  3. Finish Chp. 5 & 6 questions on Truth About Bats (Some students finished this in class) Remember to write in complete sentences and color your picture.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart Signed.

Project: We went to the Media Center today to help us learn how to research our bats. Here are some helpful sights to help you and your child:


If your child is having a hard time finding information on their bat, please email me and I will try to find you all some info. Or suggest a different bat that isn’t so hard to locate information on. 😊

First Grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Cryptogram – Amelia Earhart quote

Divergent: Share timelines the students created about themselves.

STEM: Label a world map with the 7 continents, 5 oceans, Prime Meridian and the Equator

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 3 in More than a Flier and completed a chapter summary, telling about the who?, What? & Where? In the chapter.

Evaluative: Roll a Map Game, to review the continents and oceans on the map. Kashin won today!

Talent Development: We worked on learning and/or practicing how to play Boggle.


  1. Finish Chapter Summary for Chap. 3. Don’t forget to draw the most important scene from the chapter and tell why you think it was the most important scene on the back of your paper. The picture should be colored as well.
  2. Read the Amelia Worksheet and answer the question at the end, then do the page about Amelia Earhart.
  3. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Week of 9/2/19

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No 1st grade this week.

2nd grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Looking for Bats Logic

STEM: Discuss Bat Project

Algebraic Thinking: Patterns –what is a repeating pattern, how to name a pattern, how to find the unit pattern

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 3 & 4 of our novel, The Truth about Bats.

Affective: The Big Mistake, why is it ok to make mistakes?

Evaluative Thinking: SET


  1. Finish Chap. 3 & 4 Questions – Remember all circled questions need to be answered in a complete sentence, also complete sentences do NOT begin with because.
  2. Select 3 bats you would like to study for your Bat project have parents signed project sheet, have Step 1 signed on your Long Range Planner.
  3. Bat Field Trip Info. was sent home last week, money and permission slips need to be returned by Wed. 10/23.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Week of 8/26/19

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2nd Grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Back to School Logic Puzzles (2).

STEM: Complete the Bat Flip Book from last week. (Tuesday Class Only)

Algebraic Thinking: Bat Math 2.

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 1 & 2 of our novel, The Truth about Bats

STEM: Bat-Natomy – we labeled pictures of bat anatomy.

Evaluative Thinking: Completed a Venn diagram comparing a bat wing with a human hand.


  1. Finish Chap. 1 & 2 Questions – (Chp. 1 – # 1, 2 & 4 need to be answered in complete sentences. Chap. 2 – # 1, 2, 5 & 6 needs to be answered in complete sentences.)
  2. Off the Bat Part 2 – answer questions in complete sentences. (Remember complete sentences don’t begin with “because.”)
  3. Bat Field Trip Info. was sent home today, money and permission slips need to be returned by Wed. 10/23.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.
  5. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-
  6. 1st Grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Sleds- put the 5 sleds in order based on the clues given

STEM: Map Skills – We watched BrainPop Jr. on reading maps then took the hard quiz over the movie. After the movie we worked on Map Scale some more then we used the globe and map to find names of places for all the letters in the alphabet.

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 2 in our book, More than a Flier and also discussed creating a personal time line for ourselves.

Talent Development: We worked on Non-Verbal skills today and played an analogy game.


  1. Finish chapter 2 questions, remember to color your picture.
  2. Create your own timeline. One event for each year you’ve been alive. (6-7 years depending on how old your child is)
  3. Get your Behavior Chart Signed.

Week of 8/19/16

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2nd Grade Tuesday and Wednesday

Our Day:

Brainteaser: 4 in a row

Relationships & Connections: Magic School Bus – Going Batty – completed 3-2-1

Algebraic Thinking: Bat Math 1

STEM: Read aloud , Shadows of the Night – create a bat flip book (Tuesday group did not get to this, we will do it in class next week)

Evaluative: SET game


  1. Read “Off the Bat”, answer questions in complete sentences
  2. Finish Bat flip book if needed – most finished this in class.(Tuesday group did not start this, we will work on it in class next week.)
  3. Get your Behavior Chart signed


1st grade Monday

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Math Puzzles (2)

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 1 of our novel then with a partner we answered some comprehension questions.

STEM: Map Skills – We looked at a map of the US and a map of the globe. We learned about the 7 continents and the 4 major oceans. We also learned how to read a map using a map skill. We also learned about a compass rose. Ask the students how they remember the 4 directions on the compass rose? (Never Eat Soggy Waffles!)


  1. Finish Chapter 1 questions – All the students finished their questions in class so they started their pictures, and they need to finish their pictures and color them. They also need to complete the sentence that explains why that is their favorite scene from Chapter 1.
  2. Map Scale Worksheet
  3. Get your Behavior Contract signed.

Open House Reminder:

Open House is tomorrow  morning at 7:30 am in the Professional Learning Room, not the Media Center. The Professional Learning Room is diagonal from the gym and next to the Music classroom. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow morning!

Week of 8/29/16

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We had 2 “Batabulous” days in Target this week! Yesterday,  I saw both groups of students for half the day, then today I had all the students for half the day! It was crazy but we had fun and as usual learned tons!!!

Here is a sneak peek of what all we did:

Logic: Looking for Bats

STEM: Bat anatomy- we watched a short movie then made a bat model of the bones in its wing and discussed briefly how the bat wing is like our hand. We will continue that discussion next week.

Evaluative: We went to the library and Mrs. Kuhn taught us how to get onto Destiny from home and how to take notes on our bats for the bat projects without plagiarizing. Then we got a little time to research our bats for the projects.

Relationships & Connections: We read chapter 3 & 4 from The Truth About Bats (TTAB), and worked on answering the questions for those chapters. We are also working on answering in complete sentences. Example: Why did Ralphie go into the cave? Ralphie when into the cave to see bats. I am trying to emphasize that sentences begin with capital letters and end with punctuation, and also that we need to use part of the question in our answers.

Guest Speaker and visitor: We loved getting to learn more about bats from Ms. Charlee from the Cochran Mill Nature Center and getting to see the Egyptian fruit bat that she brought with her! The bat was so cool to see in person! J

Project info: All students were able to select their bat this week and I gave them information on how to complete a note card (They have a paper in their binders –should be in Don’t forget/HW sections on notecards). We also went to the library and learned how to take notes and did a little research. You are going to have to help your child with research at home, I do not have a specific website with all the information you will need for your child’s bat. You all will have to so some supervised Googling but you should not have a problem locating information on your child’s bat. This week they need to complete notecard 1 & 2. Notecard 1 is on the Description of their bat – what does it look like (color, face, ears, etc.), how big is it, what kind of bat is it? (micro or mega?). Notecard 2 is Habitat- where does this bat live in the world, does it migrate anywhere else, where does it like to roost (caves, trees, buildings, etc.)

Final projects will be due on Monday, Nov. 7th (Tuesday class) or Wedesday, Nov. 9th (Wednesday class).

Also, Ms. Charlee from the Cochran Mill Nature Center said that they are having a Bat night at the nature center on September 10th. She is going to send me more details on this exciting night, so as soon as I get it from her I will forward it to you all.

Homework this week:

1.)    Finish note card 1 & 2 (Description of bat & Habitat)

2.)    Get Project Sheet signed

3.)    Finish TTAB Chp. 3 & 4 questions (if needed)

4.)    Bat Field Trip Survey (Turquoise paper) due back by 9/9

5.)    Get B.C. signed