5th Grade, Thursday, May 7

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5th Grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: There are 2 option of Logic Puzzles for you try! Posted on Teams.

Relationships & Connections: Read the attached article: https://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/k-12/rocket/TRCRocket/practical_rocketry.html

and complete questions 1-6 on the attached worksheet. Posted Teams.

Math: Mystery Picture – one step algebra problems attached and posted on Teams.

Turn in this week on Teams:

  1. Logic puzzle ( 1 your choice)
  2. Questions 1-6 on Practical Rocketry
  3. Mystery Picture colored and problems solved.

3rd grade, May 5

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3rd grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Star Wars Brainteaser – we will complete this together on our Zoom call at 11:00 am, this attached and posted on Seesaw.

Math: Hands on Equations – Mystery Picture this is attached and posted on Seesaw.

Coding: Star Wars coding activity – we will go over this on our Zoom call and it’s posted on Seesaw.

Google CS First: Unfortunately a lot of you have not been completing your Google CS First activities , so I need you to get caught up this week, please. If you are not on Game 3 Mazes, you need to complete this stage before next week. The only people that I can see that are through this point are: Danny, Savannah & cs4454460  68 waterfall. Angelina needs one more activity in Game 3 Mazes, and Michael needs 2 more activities in Game 3 Mazes. Good job to those students, then rest of you please catch up!

For Fun(Totally Optional) 😊:

May the Fourth Be With You – see the attached PowerPoint for some fun Star wars activities

On the slides with pictures  hit control click to take you to short movies or other activities – enjoy the Star Wars fun!


1st Grade, Monday, May 4

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1st grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: We will complete this together on our Zoom call at 11:00 am You will need a paper and pencil for our brainteaser.

Relationships & Connections: Listen to the story Adelita from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNVLyeAtNqM and complete the Organizer. This assignment is posted on Seesaw.


Technology: Film your Country Presentation on Flip grid, here is the link: https://flipgrid.com/b8409f51

Math: Learn Spanish Numbers, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzhHrQbHZMA, then complete the puzzle. Parents, please print out the puzzle and cut it out for the kids to put together. After the students have put the puzzle together then have them upload a picture on Seesaw. I have also attached a chart of the Spanish numbers 1-20 if needed.



Relationships & Connections: Read about Cinco De Mayo in the Flip Book on Seesaw and complete the first 2 pages, Let’s Read and Let’s Answer, this is posted on Seesaw.


For Fun(Totally Optional) 😊:

May the Fourth Be With You – see the attached PowerPoint for some fun Star wars activities

On the slides with pictures  hit control click to take you to short movies or other activities – enjoy the Star Wars fun!


2nd Grade – April 22

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2nd grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: We will complete it together on our Zoom call at either 11 (Wednesday Class) or 11:30 (Friday Class), it is also posted on Seesaw and attached.

STEM: Complete the Happy Hearts Breakout, it is posted on Seesaw.Make sure you read the whole page, there are clues at the bottom to help you if you need them.

Relationships & Connections: Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle, attached and not on Seesaw.

Project: Turn in brochure if you have not and work on your presentation, start practicing it, you will need to film yourself doing your presentation. More info. to come on that, I am thinking we will use Flipgrid to share our presentations.

Have fun with the Breakout this week! Hopefully I will see most of you on our Zoom call at 11 am for Wednesday class and at 11:30 for my Friday class.

3rd Grade – Tuesday, April 21

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3rd grade:

This week’s Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Emjoi Math – attached and is assigned on Seesaw we will do this on our Zoom call.

H.O.E.: Complete problems 7-12 on Mystery Picture attached as well as on Seesaw, complete the problem on your HOE Practice Sheet attached. We will review Order of Operations during our Zoom call. Complete the 2 activities on Seesaw that go along with Order of Operations.

STEM: Binary Numbers – I am going to teach a lesson on this during our Zoom calls, the number cards you need for the lesson are: at this website: https://csfieldguide.org.nz/en/interactives/binary-cards/. PLEASE Print this page out and cut out the number cards BEFORE the Zoom call at 11 am. No activities on Code.org this week. Complete the activities on Seesaw for Binary Numbers there are 2 activities on Seesaw.

Google CS First: Spend 30 minutes on your game.

Relationships & Connections: Use you Boom login and complete the boom card activity on Binary numbers. Your boom login will be sent in a separate email.

Extra Info. On the binary system: https://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-number-system.html

For Fun (totally Optional) Parents will have to help with this one:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Parents will have to cut out puzzles and put them in various rooms of your house and there needs to be a small prize (Could be a small piece of candy) Attached. You can involve your siblings to play/help you. 😊

1st grade, Monday April 20

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1st grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: We will do this together on our Zoom call at 11 am- it is attached as well as on Seesaw.

Relationships & Connections: Listen to the story The Roughface Girl and complete the story organizer – posted on Seesaw and attached.

Math: Play Solve Me Math Puzzles again try to complete 5 new puzzles – this posted on Seesaw.

STEM: Learn about Canada. Assignment is on Seesaw watch the video about Canada and complete the organizer.

Project: I have attached the list of stories that go with each country. Work on completing your tri-board or poster or PowerPoint and then start practicing your presentation.

5th grade, Thursday, April 16

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5th grade:

Here are Week 4 of Virtual Learning Activities for Target:

Brainteaser: We will complete this together on our Zoom Call at 11:00 am, you will need paper and a pencil.

Math: Dividing Integers Worksheet (10-15 minutes) Remember your integer rules – same signs positive different signs negative. I attached an integer rules sheet in case you needed a refresher on the rules. 😊

Integer Rules:

STEM: Create a Mars Colony – we will work on this for 2 weeks, spend about an 1 and a half hours on it each week, this week and the Thursday after Spring Break. Also, I have attached an interesting article on an experiment that was created to simulate living on Mars here – read the article you don’t need to answer the questions, but you may want to think about them as you create your colony.

3 parts of project:

1) Create your colony- Remember the following:

  • Fluency (lots of ideas)
  • Flexibility  (don’t get stuck in a category & use a variety of materials)
  • Originality (unique and different from others)
  • Elaboration (lots of details)
  • Think of everything that needs to be in your colony.  Where do inhabitants sleep, eat, exercise, work, go for entertainment, grow food?  What machines are there to make the colony habitable for humans- Oxygen, water, radiation protection, etc…

2) Label everything in your colony

3) Type a 1 page introduction to your colony.  What are its best features?  Why would people need to live there?  What are the structures in your colony?

4) Don’t for get to take pictures so you can upload the pictures and colony introduction to your Teams account the week after spring break.

Mars Colony Article: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/mars-biosphere-2-elon-musk-astronauts-spacetraining-arizona-a8332851.html

2nd Grade, Wednesday April 15

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2nd grade:

This week’s activities:

Learn how to use Seesaw: Complete activity on Seesaw

Brainteaser: We will complete this together on our Zoom Meeting either at 11:00 (Wednesday Class) or 11:30 (Friday class) Heart Emoji Math on Seesaw

Math: Solve me Math Puzzles on Seesaw

Relationships and Connections: Vocabulary for Heart Diseases – create your flashcards

and then make a picture for each word. Sheets are attached, this activity is NOT on Seesaw.

STEM: Go to this website about Heart Disease: https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/heart-disease.html  and read it and complete the attached worksheet, this activity is also on Seesaw.

Project: Complete the other side of your brochure, please send me or share with me your competed brochure by next Wednesday, 4/22. Be thinking about your presentation for the class.


3rd Grade, Tuesday April 14

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Third Grade:

Brainteaser: Together on Zoom call – It is the Math Challenge 2 assignment on Seesaw if you want to look at it.

Seesaw: Complete the Learning how to use Seesaw activity on Seesaw.

Relationships & Connections: Watch these 2 short intro videos to Binary numbers : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD6lcIIOeic  and https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home/alg-intro-to-algebra/algebra-alternate-number-bases/v/number-systems-introduction

Code.org: Complete Lesson 14 – watch the lesson video then create your first name in binary with something at home( examples: 2 different colored beads, 2 different colored Lego’s, etc.) take a picture of your name in binary code and upload it on Seesaw.

Then complete the assessment activity, this is attached as well as on Seesaw.

STEM: Spend 30 minutes on Google CS First working on your game.

H.O.E.: Complete the first 6 problems on the mystery picture- complete the problems on the H.O.E. practice sheet as well as coloring in the write boxes on your picture. Please upload the picture of the practice worksheet and the picture so far on your Seesaw account.

1st Grade, Monday April 13

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First Grade:

Today’s Assignments:

Brainteaser: We will complete their brainteaser together on our Zoom Call at 11:00 am.

Learn How to use Seesaw: Log into your account and finish the activity titled: Learning How to use Seesaw to learn how to use this new program. 😊

Relationships &Connections: Listen to the Irish Cinderlad story from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCj353b5uMg

and complete the attached worksheet- Irish Cinderlad Reader response. Assignment is on Seesaw

Math: Complete one or both of the Math Mystery Pictures, they are attached. I also assigned a Math activity on Seesaw for you.

STEM: Complete the Ireland trifold, attached. Here are some helpful websites to use to complete the Ireland trifold: https://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-ireland/ or this https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/ireland/. This goes along with an activity I assigned on Seesaw for you.

Project: Work on your triboard/poster. Also, find a recipe from your country that you can make with your parents.


For Fun (Totally Optional): 😊

Online Wordsearch: https://www.rif.org/literacy-central/word-search/irish-cinderlad-word-search

Printable Wordsearch: Attached

Ireland Webquest: http://www.onestopenglish.com/teenagers/topic-based-materials/webquests/pdf-content/webquest-st-patricks-day-worksheet/555041.article