Week of 9/2/19

No 1st grade this week.

2nd grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Looking for Bats Logic

STEM: Discuss Bat Project

Algebraic Thinking: Patterns –what is a repeating pattern, how to name a pattern, how to find the unit pattern

Relationships & Connections: We read Chapter 3 & 4 of our novel, The Truth about Bats.

Affective: The Big Mistake, why is it ok to make mistakes?

Evaluative Thinking: SET


  1. Finish Chap. 3 & 4 Questions – Remember all circled questions need to be answered in a complete sentence, also complete sentences do NOT begin with because.
  2. Select 3 bats you would like to study for your Bat project have parents signed project sheet, have Step 1 signed on your Long Range Planner.
  3. Bat Field Trip Info. was sent home last week, money and permission slips need to be returned by Wed. 10/23.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.