Week of 9/16/19

Second Grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Endangered Bats Logic

Evaluative: Brushing up on Bats – taken for a grade

R& C: Read Chapter 7 & 8 and answer the questions in complete sentences.

STEM: Sort Micro & Mega bat pictures based on their facial features.

Affective: Read the book, The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes, then we discussed the story & why it’s ok to make mistakes. Then students illustrated a mistake they made and what they learned from their mistake.


1.) Finish Chp. 7 & 8 questions from the Truth about Bats, remember to write complete sentences for all circled questions.

2.) Complete Notecard 3 (Food and Drink) and Notecard 4 (Predators)

3.) In-school Field trip information, due by Oct. 3rd

4.) Enjoy Fall Break! 😊

5.) Get your Behavior Chart signed.

***Please try to help your child complete their homework prior to Fall Break so you all don’t have to do it during the break. ***


First Grade

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Put the Planes in order

STEM: Timelines- Amelia Earhart, then create a time line for Amelia

R& C: Read Chapter 4 in More than a Flier Algebraic Thinking: Number Puzzles

Evaluative: Word search & sentences


1.) Finish word search & sentences

2.) Have a great fall break!

3.) Get your Behavior Chart signed. (Please sign twice to catch us up, we missed Labor Day but I forgot to mark that week out on the B.C.)