Week on 10/21

Second Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Boggle – Congrats to Chance and Harrison for coming in 1st place with 23 points, 2nd  place – Giselle with 19 place, and 3rd Place – Mason with 14 points. 😊

Relationships & Connections: Bat vocabulary with Frayer Diagrams – migration, diurnal, nocturnal, microbat, megabat and ultrasonic. Work on final draft of Front & Back Cover of Book Jacket.

STEM: Bat Homes – read and answer questions

Divergent Thinking: Max’s Words, create your own word collection

Laptop Lounge: Work on Slides 1-4 for PowerPoint presentations.


  1. Finish Vocab. Diagrams – migration, diurnal, nocturnal, microbat, megabat and ultrasonic
  2. Finish Slides 1-4 on powerpoint Slides 1-4 if not finished in class
  3. Finish Book Jacket Final draft of front and back cover
  4. Get step 7 signed on Long Range Planner
  5. Get your Behavior Chart Signed.

First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Boggle – Mae was our winner with 18 points! 😊

Relationships and Connections: Word Squares with sentences and Amelia Flip book.

Evaluative Thinking: We worked on Comparing and Contrasting ourselves with Amelia and a Venn Diagram.

Algebraic Thinking: Number Riddles

STEM: Parts of a plane – we labeled parts of a plane and reviewed pitch, roll and yaw.

Talent Development: We reviewed the 4 parts of creativity (Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration) Then we worked on Doodle Art, turning doodles into a picture using our creativity.


  1. Finish coloring Amelia Flip Book – we will finish the last page Accomplishments next week in class.
  2. Postcard – I reviewed how to create the postcard with the students and directions are attached to the postcard.
  3. Get your behavior chart signed.
  4. Send in a booster seat on Monday for our field trip.