Week of 11/4

First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: 2 Logic Puzzles about Pets – today we learned how to solve our first logic puzzles using a logic grid, the students did great with this new skill! 😊

Relationships and Connections: We watched 2 short videos about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and completed a 3-2-1 (3 things I learned, 2 things I thought were interesting and 1 question I still have.)

STEM: Amelia’ Disappearance WebQuest, we started on this and completed the 1st page.  https://mrsjacobsonbrhs.weebly.com/amelia-earhart-web-quest.html

Math: Math puzzles – we started 2 math puzzles we will complete them next week in class.

Talent Development: Continue to work on Divergent Thinking – we worked on a page of doodles/squiggles today. We really worked on making interesting titles and adding details to our pictures.


  1. Finish the Amelia WebQuest – here is the link: https://mrsjacobsonbrhs.weebly.com/amelia-earhart-web-quest.html
  2. Get your behavior chart signed.