Week of 11/11

Second Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Scratch – Things that are round, Kylee/Sydney was our fluency winner and Taylor/Gabe was our Originality winner! 😊

Relationships and Connections: Review Vocabulary and check crossword puzzle, then we took our Vocabulary quiz. We also worked on completing our Truth About Bats Book Jacket today.

Evaluative: Bat Books – complete bat books with the correct information and add a picture to each page.

Divergent: Create a Bat Stamp to help save the bats, and write a paragraph describing why you designed your stamp the way you did.

Affective: How to give feedback, glows and grows. Plus we listened to the story Stellaluna and discussed how we can be so different from our friends but still be alike in some ways.

Project Update:

I met with every student today to review their PowerPoint and their ideas for their presentation, if your child was missing something I tried to help them finish it or wrote down what they need to complete at home with you all. We also talked about who was presenting what day- Tuesday, Nov. 19th Koch, Roggow and Sieracki 12:15 pm -1:30pm and Wed., Nov. 20th Brock, Bullis and Lloyd 10:15 am – 11:30 am. If you have questions, please let me know.


  1. Finish Bat project and PRACTICE!!!
  2. Finish rough draft of bat stamp – just the picture(Tuesday) picture and paragraph (Wednesday)
  3. Get Step 10 signed on the Long Range Planner
  4. Finish if Needed:
    1. Bat Book
    2. Inside cover of Book Jacket
  5. Get Behavior Chart signed.

First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Scratch – things that are round. Ruby won for fluency and Mae won for Originality. 😊

STEM: Read the book, Amelia built a Roller Coaster and then began to brainstorm how to build our own roller coaster.

Algebraic Thinking: Solve 3 digit addition and subtraction problems, then based on the answers complete a logic problem.

Relationships and Connections: Reviewed the Amelia’s disappearance WebQuest and discuss what we thought happened to Amelia.

Talent Development: We worked on strategy games, how to complete the shape.


  1. Bring supplies to build a roller coaster (Recyclable materials: toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, paper plates, cardboard, etc.)
  2. Get your Behavior Chart signed.