Week of Jan. 13th

Second Grade:

Our Day:
Crack the Code

Relationships & Connections: Bill Nye Video – The Heart with questions

STEM: Heart vocabulary- artery, vein, capillaries, valve,  inferior vena cava – Make flash cards & picture for each word (pictures should be colored)

Algebraic Thinking: Math Heart puzzle

Divergent: Heart Glyph


  1. Finish vocabulary and study your 5 words
  2. Final Draft of the Heart Glyph
  3. Get your Behavior Chart Signed

Third Grade:

Our Day:

Relationships & Connections: Code.org – Graph Paper Programming

H.O.E.: Lesson 1 – Guess and check

STEM: Recon Rovers – label the 8 parts and describe their functions

Convergent: Logic Puzzles


  1. Please complete the orange student form.
  2. Logic Puzzle
  3. Create a Robot – See rubric, it must have the 8 parts the Recon Rover has. It may be 3-d or on paper, if you choose to draw it please color it neatly.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Open House for Parents of newly qualified 3rd graders will be in Ms. Garvin’s classroom (Room 1310 the last classroom on the 5th grade hallway on the left side) will be on Tuesday, January 28th at 7:45 am. I look forward to meeting all my new parents on the 28th.

First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Happy Chinese New Year Scrabble

Divergent: Snowman Glyph – rough draft

Relationships and Connections: What is  a Fairy Tale? – graphic organizer, Fairy Tale Glyph, Listened to Yeh-Shen and discussed how it is like the original Cinderella story.

Evaluative: Learn how to play SET, then play SET as a class


  1. Student Info. Forms – have parents complete (orange paper)
  2. Final Draft of Snowman Glyph – Complete the Snowman on the construction paper – remember this is your best work! You may “jazz it up” with real buttons and/or fabric for the scarf, add a background for the snowman.
  3. Complete the SET WS
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed

Open House for Parents of newly qualified 1st graders will be in my classroom Room 1311 (The last classroom on the 5th grade hallway, on the right side) will be on Monday, January 27th at 7:45 am. I look forward to meeting all my new parents on the 27th.

Students received their January Target calendar in class today, I have also attached a copy for the parents as well.