Week of Jan. 27th

First grade:

Brainteaser: Chinese New Year Boggle Board

Divergent: Share Snowmen

Math: Grandfather Tang – read story and tried to make animal shapes from the story with tangram pieces.

Evaluative: Yeh-Shen video and Venn Diagram to Compare and Contrast Yeh-Shen and the Original Cinderella Story

Relationships and Connections: The Chinese New Year Flip book- We completed: Let’s Read, Let’s Answer


  1. Tangram Picture and Paragraph: Create a picture with all your 7 tangrams and color the picture, then on  the back write about how you created your picture. You can make a flower, robot, butterfly or your own design.
  2. Complete the last page of the Chinese New Year book, Draw a picture of someone celebrating the Chinese New Year then write a paragraph about what you learned about the Chinese New Year. Remember a paragraph is 5 sentences, a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences and a closing sentence.
  3. Get your Behavior Chart signed