Week of Feb. 24th

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Fifth Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Addlepated Astronauts

H.O.E: Check homework and review word problems, review how to add, subtract, multiply and division with integers. Then we took a test over Book 1 of Hands on Equations.

Relationships and Connections: Earth vs. Mars – Complete chart with research on Earth and Mars, then sort strips into Earth, Mars, Both or None.

STEM: Extremophiles – which extremophile and location goes together and why?

Evaluative: 7 Minutes of Terror- The descent to Mars – the 3 stages Aerobraking, parachutes and thrusters

Homework: (All homework will not be due until March 19th – due to field trip and Blue Ridge)

  1. Math WS’ (2 and a puzzle for the students in my math group) / Ms. Garvin’s group – has 1 WS with 20 problems but they have to do 3 things for each problem
  2. Logic Puzzle – St. Patrick’s Day
  3. Venn Perplexor WS
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed

Important Info. For Field Trip:

  1. Arrive at 5:15 am at the Front Flagpole for a 5:30 am departure.
  2. Wear GSSA t-shirt and khakis or jeans. If it’s chilly wear a shirt underneath. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt.
  3. Students may bring a blanket, pillow, book, and/or drawing materials for bus ride.
  4. No Food is needed, we will be feeding them breakfast, lunch and a snack.
  5. No electronics for students.
  6. Pick up is at 4:15 pm at the Front Flagpole, if your child is not picked up by 4:20 pm they will be put into ASP.


Second Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Kids Ages and Jobs – Logic Puzzle

Divergent: share Acrostic Heart Poems and give glows and grows to classmates

STEM: Practice Labeling the Heart and Steps of Blood Flow games

Evaluative: Label the Heart Quiz & Blood Flow Quiz

Relationships and Connections: Introduce Blood with a BrainPop movie and quiz

Homework: ( Not a lot this week, since we didn’t have time to get into a lot of new material.)

  1. Get your 2 quizzes signed. (Label the Heart and Blood Flow) Study if you need to re-test blood flow next week.
  2. Target is on Tuesday next week!
  3. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Third Grade:

Our Day:

Affective: Share Hope Acrostic Poems and then discussed hope frayer diagrams

H.O.E. – Checked homework, learn lesson 5 & word problems

Code.org- Lesson 9 & 10 debugging

Robots: Mission 2 – So you think you can dance? Part 1

Affective: Dolphin Tale – part 2 Love and Kindness

Computer Lab: Google CS First


1.) H.O.E. Lesson 5 (1-4 & 9-10) plus word problem #36

2.) Code.org Lessons 9 & 10

3.) Affective Love & Kindness worksheet

4.) Get your behavior chart signed.

5.) Target is on Thursday next week.



First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: French Number Puzzle with 2 partners

Convergent Thinking: Convergent thinking webs, how to solve a logic elimination grid: Party Tales and Party Favors

Relationships & Connections: More about France- reading comprehension and map reading.

Math: French Numbers – word unscramble, number/word search, crossword puzzle

Divergent Thinking: French Colors- Mystery mandala

Evaluative Thinking: SET – missing card and SET on the board


  1. Numbers worksheet – French number word search
  2. Coloring Worksheet: Mystery Mandala
  3. Party Clean Up Logic Grid
  4. Get your behavior chart signed
  5. Bring in an cardboard egg carton- needs to be cardboard so we can paint it.
  6. Get your Behavior Chart Signed.

Week of Feb. 10th

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Fifth Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Addlepated Astronauts ( began working on)

H.O.E.: Lesson 6 Review and word problems, introduce adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with integers plus word problems

Mission to Mars: Activity 4 – what payload are you taking? What does it weigh?

Affective: Review how to write a Mission Statement and Discuss Dreaming Big- what does it cost for your dream? Not just monetary costs


  1. H.O.E. L. 6/24 Extra Practice #1-4 & 9-10 and word problems. Test next week over Book 1/Book 3
  2. Write your mission statement. Here is the Stephen Covey Website to help you: https://msb.franklincovey.com/
  3. Get your behavior chart signed.
  4. Enjoy Winter Break! 😊

Third Grade:

Our Day:

HO.E. – Check homework, word problems and quiz

Robot: Complete Mission 1

Affective: Share Courage Poster and Watch Dolphin Tale – complete Hope activities


1.) H.O.E. – get quiz signed. Complete word problems #27 & 30

2.) Affective- Complete  Hope Frayer diagram and acrostic poem. Hope Acrostic poem may be typed or written neatly with colored illustrations. Pictures may be hand drawn or from a computer or magazine.

3.) Code.org: Lesson 7 & 8

4.) Enjoy your winter break!

5.) Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Second Grade: 

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Mystery Numbers Con’t.

Relationships & Connections: Heart Anatomy Vocabulary Quiz

STEM: Blood Flow Tournament

R & C: Medical History Timeline

Math: Patterns

Divergent: Heart Acrostic Poem


  1. Acrostic Heart Poem – Final Draft Needs to be typed or written neatly and have  illustrations that are colored.
  2. Get Vocab. Quiz signed, if needed (P or D) do corrections on another sheet of paper, write the word with the correct definition.
  3. Study –  quiz over labeling the parts of the heart and putting the steps of blood flow in order will be after break.
  4.  Have a fun Winter Break!
  5. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Week of Feb. 3rd

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Fifth Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Addlepated Astronauts (didn’t get to)

STEM: Mission to Mars – Complete Activities 1-3

H.O.E.: Lesson 6 (new)/ Lesson 24 (old) and word problems

Affective: Finish & discuss Extreme Dreams


  1. H.O.E.- Lesson 6 (new)/ 24 (old) and word problems. Complete problems 1-4 & 9-10 on work page & get quiz signed.
  2. TinkerCad- Complete from scratch  design and save two 3- D creations. These should be moderately complicated designs that show of all the skills you have learned in Tinkercad.  Name them Design 1 & Design 2 so I can easily find them. I am expecting something with some depth to it, not just a circle or a ball.
  3. Field Trip permission forms and money are due next Thursday, Feb. 13th.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

Second Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Mystery Numbers

R & C: Heart magazine with questions

STEM: Blood Flow game

Math: Pattern Practice

Affective: Be Proactive


  1. Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
  2. Study for Vocabulary Quiz- next week
  3. Target in on Monday next week due to 2nd gr. Performing Arts field trip on Wed. Only for the Wednesday class.

 Third Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: Robot Teams Logic Puzzle

H.O.E.: We checked and reviewed our homework, then we learned how to complete lesson 4 and did number word problems

Robots: Worked on Mission 1

Code.Org: Introduced lesson 5 & 6 Loops

Laptop Lounge: Google CS First – game design

Affective: 4 Faces of Courage


  1. H.O.E. Lesson 4: 1`-4 & 9-10 complete all work on your work page I gave you. Study there will be a quiz next week over Lessons 1-4.
  2. Code.org: Complete Lesson 5 & 6 all activities
  3. Faces of Courage Poster. Students received a rubric and I showed them examples of what a “good” poster looked like.
  4. Get your Behavior Chart signed.

First Grade:

Our Day:

Brainteaser: How many words can you create from the letters in “Year of the Rat?” Mae and Ruby came in first with 9 points, Asher & Alex came in second with 7 points and Kirtland came in third with 6 points. Way to go! 😊

Relationships & Connections: Chinese New Year Booklet – True and False Sort

Math: Learn the Chinese numbers 1-10, solve addition problems using Chinese numbers

Divergent: Create a rough draft of an Acrostic Poem for the word Lantern, we worked on this together and then they worked with their table partners, I tried to proofread their rough drafts but please double check them prior to their Final Draft.

Evaluative: Zodiac Animals – What animal represents you? Do you have those characteristics- why or why not? What are synonyms and antonyms for some of the traits?

Review: SET Game Online as a class


  1. Lantern Poem -final draft your best handwriting or you may type it and print it out. We will decorate it in class next week.
  2. Chinese Addition problems – Create problems but do NOT solve them a peer will solve them in class next week.
  3. Get your Behavior Chart signed.