1st Grade, March 30

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1st grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Have your parents time you for 10 minutes and see how many words you can create from the letters in LEPRECHAUN?

Relationships and Connections: Watch the read aloud of the Irish Cinderlad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCj353b5uMg

then complete the organizer

Math: Complete the Math Mystery Pictures. You may do just one or both, your choice. MathMysteryPicturesforStPatricksDay

Project: Work on completing 4 parts of your project (Examples: Flag, post card, brochure, VIP, etc) I know many of you may not have a tri-board or posterboard at home, so you all may figure out a way to create information about your country to the class without a poster board or tri-board. Such as a PowerPoint or separate sheets of paper.

Don’t forget we will have our Zoom call at 11 am. Can’t wait to see you all! 😊 As soon as I get SeeSaw up and ready I will email you all.