2nd Grade, Wednesday, April 1

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2nd grade:

Here is Week 3 of Virtual Learning Activities:

Brain Teaser: Office Space

Math: Mental Math – It is below the brainteaser Office Space

Relationships & Connections: Watch Brain Pop Movie from Macinvia or Clever on Blood types 2 times and then try the quiz.

STEM: Read the article on Blood Types and Answer the 4 questions. https://study.com/academy/lesson/blood-type-lesson-for-kids.html#lesson Then complete the 4 questions: https://study.com/academy/practice/blood-type-quiz-worksheet-for-kids.html

Project: Work on your rough draft of your brochure

Have a great Spring Break, no Target activities next week – have fun with your family! Hope to see you at our Zoom Meeting at 11 am, try to complete your Brainteaser “Office Space” – before our meeting so we can discuss it.