3rd Grade, Tuesday April 14

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Third Grade:

Brainteaser: Together on Zoom call – It is the Math Challenge 2 assignment on Seesaw if you want to look at it.

Seesaw: Complete the Learning how to use Seesaw activity on Seesaw.

Relationships & Connections: Watch these 2 short intro videos to Binary numbers : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD6lcIIOeic  and https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home/alg-intro-to-algebra/algebra-alternate-number-bases/v/number-systems-introduction

Code.org: Complete Lesson 14 – watch the lesson video then create your first name in binary with something at home( examples: 2 different colored beads, 2 different colored Lego’s, etc.) take a picture of your name in binary code and upload it on Seesaw.

Then complete the assessment activity, this is attached as well as on Seesaw.

STEM: Spend 30 minutes on Google CS First working on your game.

H.O.E.: Complete the first 6 problems on the mystery picture- complete the problems on the H.O.E. practice sheet as well as coloring in the write boxes on your picture. Please upload the picture of the practice worksheet and the picture so far on your Seesaw account.