2nd Grade, Wednesday April 15

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2nd grade:

This week’s activities:

Learn how to use Seesaw: Complete activity on Seesaw

Brainteaser: We will complete this together on our Zoom Meeting either at 11:00 (Wednesday Class) or 11:30 (Friday class) Heart Emoji Math on Seesaw

Math: Solve me Math Puzzles on Seesaw

Relationships and Connections: Vocabulary for Heart Diseases – create your flashcards

and then make a picture for each word. Sheets are attached, this activity is NOT on Seesaw.

STEM: Go to this website about Heart Disease: https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/heart-disease.html  and read it and complete the attached worksheet, this activity is also on Seesaw.

Project: Complete the other side of your brochure, please send me or share with me your competed brochure by next Wednesday, 4/22. Be thinking about your presentation for the class.