5th grade, Thursday, April 16

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5th grade:

Here are Week 4 of Virtual Learning Activities for Target:

Brainteaser: We will complete this together on our Zoom Call at 11:00 am, you will need paper and a pencil.

Math: Dividing Integers Worksheet (10-15 minutes) Remember your integer rules – same signs positive different signs negative. I attached an integer rules sheet in case you needed a refresher on the rules. 😊

Integer Rules:

STEM: Create a Mars Colony – we will work on this for 2 weeks, spend about an 1 and a half hours on it each week, this week and the Thursday after Spring Break. Also, I have attached an interesting article on an experiment that was created to simulate living on Mars here – read the article you don’t need to answer the questions, but you may want to think about them as you create your colony.

3 parts of project:

1) Create your colony- Remember the following:

  • Fluency (lots of ideas)
  • Flexibility  (don’t get stuck in a category & use a variety of materials)
  • Originality (unique and different from others)
  • Elaboration (lots of details)
  • Think of everything that needs to be in your colony.  Where do inhabitants sleep, eat, exercise, work, go for entertainment, grow food?  What machines are there to make the colony habitable for humans- Oxygen, water, radiation protection, etc…

2) Label everything in your colony

3) Type a 1 page introduction to your colony.  What are its best features?  Why would people need to live there?  What are the structures in your colony?

4) Don’t for get to take pictures so you can upload the pictures and colony introduction to your Teams account the week after spring break.

Mars Colony Article: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/mars-biosphere-2-elon-musk-astronauts-spacetraining-arizona-a8332851.html