3rd Grade – Tuesday, April 21

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3rd grade:

This week’s Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Emjoi Math – attached and is assigned on Seesaw we will do this on our Zoom call.

H.O.E.: Complete problems 7-12 on Mystery Picture attached as well as on Seesaw, complete the problem on your HOE Practice Sheet attached. We will review Order of Operations during our Zoom call. Complete the 2 activities on Seesaw that go along with Order of Operations.

STEM: Binary Numbers – I am going to teach a lesson on this during our Zoom calls, the number cards you need for the lesson are: at this website: https://csfieldguide.org.nz/en/interactives/binary-cards/. PLEASE Print this page out and cut out the number cards BEFORE the Zoom call at 11 am. No activities on Code.org this week. Complete the activities on Seesaw for Binary Numbers there are 2 activities on Seesaw.

Google CS First: Spend 30 minutes on your game.

Relationships & Connections: Use you Boom login and complete the boom card activity on Binary numbers. Your boom login will be sent in a separate email.

Extra Info. On the binary system: https://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-number-system.html

For Fun (totally Optional) Parents will have to help with this one:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Parents will have to cut out puzzles and put them in various rooms of your house and there needs to be a small prize (Could be a small piece of candy) Attached. You can involve your siblings to play/help you. 😊