2nd Grade – April 22

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2nd grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: We will complete it together on our Zoom call at either 11 (Wednesday Class) or 11:30 (Friday Class), it is also posted on Seesaw and attached.

STEM: Complete the Happy Hearts Breakout, it is posted on Seesaw.Make sure you read the whole page, there are clues at the bottom to help you if you need them.

Relationships & Connections: Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle, attached and not on Seesaw.

Project: Turn in brochure if you have not and work on your presentation, start practicing it, you will need to film yourself doing your presentation. More info. to come on that, I am thinking we will use Flipgrid to share our presentations.

Have fun with the Breakout this week! Hopefully I will see most of you on our Zoom call at 11 am for Wednesday class and at 11:30 for my Friday class.