3rd grade, May 5

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3rd grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Star Wars Brainteaser – we will complete this together on our Zoom call at 11:00 am, this attached and posted on Seesaw.

Math: Hands on Equations – Mystery Picture this is attached and posted on Seesaw.

Coding: Star Wars coding activity – we will go over this on our Zoom call and it’s posted on Seesaw.

Google CS First: Unfortunately a lot of you have not been completing your Google CS First activities , so I need you to get caught up this week, please. If you are not on Game 3 Mazes, you need to complete this stage before next week. The only people that I can see that are through this point are: Danny, Savannah & cs4454460  68 waterfall. Angelina needs one more activity in Game 3 Mazes, and Michael needs 2 more activities in Game 3 Mazes. Good job to those students, then rest of you please catch up!

For Fun(Totally Optional) 😊:

May the Fourth Be With You – see the attached PowerPoint for some fun Star wars activities

On the slides with pictures  hit control click to take you to short movies or other activities – enjoy the Star Wars fun!