Bat Websites for Power Point Project

Bat Websites for Bat Research


Batcon Species Profiles:

Australian Bats

Vampire Bat – National Geographic

Vampire Bat Info.

Sonoran Desert Fact Sheets

Florida Bat Species – Fly by Night

Bats of Kentucky

Big Brown Bat

Bat of the UK

Hog-nose or Bumblebee Bat

Indiana Bat

Amazing Bat Facts

Bats of Georgia

Bats of Texas (lots of bats on this list!)

Giant Golden Crowned Flying Fox

Hoary Bat

Honduran White Bat

Long Eared Bat

Brazilian Long Nose Bat

Red Bat

Greater Short Nosed Fruit Bat

Spotted Bat

Bats of California

Bats of Tennessee

Bats of Indiana

Animal Diversity

Sheppard Software

Vigo Schools