Friday, April 3

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Today marks the end of Week 3 of Virtual Learning, I am so proud of all the hard work you all are putting into your Target assignments! Keep it up! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your Spring Break with your family!

See you again the week of April 13th!

5th Grade, Thursday, April 2

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5th grade:

Here are Week 3 of Virtual Learning Activities for Target:

Math: Dividing Integers Worksheet (10-15 minutes) Remember your integer rules – same signs positive different signs negative. I attached an integer rules sheet in case you needed a refresher on the rules. 😊

STEM: Create a Mars Colony – we will work on this for 2 weeks, spend about 1 and a half hours on it each week, this week and the Thursday after Spring Break. Ms. Garvin created a video about this project if you want to watch it, here’s a link to her blog: Scroll down to about midway and you will see the video, just click on it. Also, I have attached an interesting article on an experiment that was created to simulate living on Mars here – read the article you don’t need to answer the questions, but you may want to think about them as you create your colony.

3 parts of project:

1) Create your colony- Remember the following:

  • Fluency (lots of ideas)
  • Flexibility  (don’t get stuck in a category & use a variety of materials)
  • Originality (unique and different from others)
  • Elaboration (lots of details)
  • Think of everything that needs to be in your colony.  Where do inhabitants sleep, eat, exercise, work, go for entertainment, grow food?  What machines are there to make the colony habitable for humans- Oxygen, water, radiation protection, etc…

2) Label everything in your colony

3) Type a 1 page introduction to your colony.  What are its best features?  Why would people need to live there?  What are the structures in your colony?

4) Don’t for get to take pictures so you can upload the pictures and colony introduction to your Teams account the week after spring break.

Biosphere reading –

Also, here are the Balance Quest answers from last week.

We will have a Zoom meeting at 11 am and I will discuss in more detail your Mars Project and answer any questions you may have. If possible please try to find the Teams channel – 5th grade Target Thursday so I can see who needs help with that before our Zoom Meeting at 11 am. 😊

Remember – NO Target next week, enjoy your Spring Break with your family! I will see you again on Thursday, April 16th.

2nd Grade, Wednesday, April 1

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2nd grade:

Here is Week 3 of Virtual Learning Activities:

Brain Teaser: Office Space

Math: Mental Math – It is below the brainteaser Office Space

Relationships & Connections: Watch Brain Pop Movie from Macinvia or Clever on Blood types 2 times and then try the quiz.

STEM: Read the article on Blood Types and Answer the 4 questions. Then complete the 4 questions:

Project: Work on your rough draft of your brochure

Have a great Spring Break, no Target activities next week – have fun with your family! Hope to see you at our Zoom Meeting at 11 am, try to complete your Brainteaser “Office Space” – before our meeting so we can discuss it.

3rd Grade, Tuesday, March 31st

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3rd grade:

Target Activities for today:

Brainteaser: Fire Drill Logic Puzzle

San Diego Zoo answers

Math: Lesson 7 Extra Practice WS, complete problems 1-4 and 9-10

on the HOE Practice sheet

Relationships and Connections: – complete lesson  15 & 18

STEM: Google CS First, log in and spend 30 minutes on your game.

See you all at our Zoom meeting at 11:00 am 🙂

1st Grade, March 30

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1st grade:

Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Have your parents time you for 10 minutes and see how many words you can create from the letters in LEPRECHAUN?

Relationships and Connections: Watch the read aloud of the Irish Cinderlad:

then complete the organizer

Math: Complete the Math Mystery Pictures. You may do just one or both, your choice. MathMysteryPicturesforStPatricksDay

Project: Work on completing 4 parts of your project (Examples: Flag, post card, brochure, VIP, etc) I know many of you may not have a tri-board or posterboard at home, so you all may figure out a way to create information about your country to the class without a poster board or tri-board. Such as a PowerPoint or separate sheets of paper.

Don’t forget we will have our Zoom call at 11 am. Can’t wait to see you all! 😊 As soon as I get SeeSaw up and ready I will email you all.

5th Grade Thursday, March 26

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5th grade:

Here are your Target Activities for today:

Brainteaser/Math: Balance Quest Sheet

Here’s a link to show you how to solve Balance Quest Puzzles: Give this 45 minutes of effort, if you don’t finish it, it’s ok.

Relationships & Connections/STEM: How can humans Inhabit Mars Research

Spend about an hour to an hour and half on this research.


Can’t wait to see you all at 11 am for our Zoom meeting!

2nd Grade, Wednesday, March 25

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2nd grade:

Today’s Target Activities:

Brainteaser: St. Patrick’s Day Challenge Puzzle – 2nd one

Project: Complete the last 4 boxes on your organizer

Relationships and Connections: Read the Blood Facts and write down 5 or more new things you learned, complete the last page Drops of Truth, the only one that really needs to be printed out.

Math: Number Star Puzzles

For Fun: Circulatory System Word Search 

Circulatory Poster – Last Page

3rd grade, Tuesday, March 24

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3rd grade:

Here are your Target Activities for today:

Brainteaser: San Diego Zoo Logic Puzzle

Also the answer to last week’s puzzle is attached.

Math: Lesson 7 Classwork – Complete problems 1-4 & 9-10 on the H.O.E. practice sheet

plus the answers to last week’s work. Remember to do pictorial, check and traditional algebra on the provided sheet.

Coding: Complete Lesson 17

Google CS First: Spend 30-45 minutes working on your coding game

See you all at noon at our Zoom meeting! 😊

Email me if you have questions or need any help!

1st Grade – Monday, March 23

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1st grade:

Here are today’s Target Activities:

Brainteaser: Fairy Tale Character Activities Logic Grid

Relationships & Connections: Listen to the Egyptian Cinderella Story again: and complete the story map and Venn Diagram(3 items in each part of the circles) then you can do the word search for fun

Math: Try 4 of the Tile it Math Puzzles

Project: Complete Step 2 of your Cinderella Project – Cool Country Organizer

For Fun: Learn about Hieroglyphics

**** I am going to try to host a class meeting at 11:00 am if you can join us on zoom – I will send a link out around 11 am for you to click and join us if you can. **** Hope to see a lot of your smiling faces! 😊


Mar. 20th Friday

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Good morning! By this point everyone should have received an email from me for what your Target activities are for your Target day. Please email me if you have questions or concerns – or just want to chat.

Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Luckily the weather has been good, so hopefully everyone has gone outside and gotten some vitamin D. 🙂

Mrs. Peterson