Talent Development


The rationale of the Talent Development lessons is to have a repertoire of lessons that will engage learners to think more critically while supporting Common Core.

For the primary learners, they are emerging with literacy strategies. They are naturally curious and many show verbal prowess as opposed to written strengths. These lessons focus on the natural affective character of learners, although some incorporate writing.

The scope of these lessons spans the four cognitive domains of critical thinking:  convergent thinking, divergent thinking, relationships and connections and evaluative thinking. Coupled with this, the lessons focus specifically on Common Core in Language Arts and/or Reading. The learning standard focus is noted, however, many additional learning standards are potentially addressed in these lessons.

During the lessons, students benefit from exposure to higher level thinking conversations and tasks. At the end of each lesson is a summary that can be used for learners to reflect on the learning that took place. Similarly, some lessons have an organized observation/anecdotal recording chart that I may use for celebrations and challenges with thinking.