Target Supplies

Supplies Needed:

– 3-ring notebook (at least 2″ thick)

– loose leaf notebook paper

– a minimum of 10 subject dividers for notebook

– a very sturdy pencil bag that has 3 holes and will clip inside notebook

– at least 2 sharpened pencils

– a 2 GB (or more) flashdrive or an Office 365/OneDrive account

-earbuds for computer/iPad

How  to set up my child’s Target Binder:

You should have 8 dividers, each of which needs to be labeled with the following titles:

Don’t Forget/Homework

Algebraic Thinking

Convergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking

Evaluative Thinking

Relationships & Connections


Affective Learning

Lined Paper (20 – 30 sheets only)


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