Mrs. Franco's Class

Here's what is happening in our class!


What if my child has a transportation change?
For the safety of your child, if there is a change in transportation, I must have it in writing WITH YOUR SIGNATURE AND THE DATE. You can either send the note in with your child or fax it to the school office. I can not make any exceptions to this rule (I may not accept emailed transportation changes). If it is a BUS change, please click on the link on my blog and fill out the correct form.

Will my child eat snack during the day?
Yes, we will have a snack each day to help refuel our brain. You will need to send in a healthy snack with your child each day, please NO COOKIES, BROWNIES, CHIPS, etc. I do not have extra snacks in the classroom so please make sure your child remembers to pack one each day.

May I send in a treat for my child’s birthday?
Yes! Birthdays are very important to children and we will celebrate this special day for each child. If you would like to bring a treat in, please do! The best time to do so is during our lunch time. If you are having a party outside of school, please do not send invitations into school, feelings get hurt easily at this age as I’m sure you know. If you would like to send invitations home through the mail you can contact our Room Moms or consult the School Directory for addresses. Thank you for understanding.

How will you communicate with me?
I will be posting at least one update per week on my blog. It will highlight classroom activities, curriculum for the week, and any important news and notes. There will also be notes coming home frequently informing you of important events.  Of course you are always welcome to email me, send me a note or call me at any time and leave a voicemail.

Will you have outdoor recess each day?
Yes, with weather permitting of course. On days of inclement weather, we will have indoor recess. There are days we may have to take recess in the morning when it is a bit chilly so please dress your child accordingly.

Do you need parent volunteers?
YES YES YES! There are many days that the “Volunteer Box” is overflowing with work! It will be located in the third grade workroom. You can stop by and check it at any time. In the case of special events and field trips, I will send home a letter or email requesting volunteers. Your support in the classroom is very appreciated!!

How should I send money into the school?
Please ensure all money is sent to school in a sealed envelope. On the front clearly print:

1. Your child’s first and last name
2. My name
3. What the money is for (ASP, lunch, book order, etc…)
4. The amount enclosed

Lunch money is to be placed in the safe that is in the cafeteria, ASP money goes in the safe outside of the ASP room, PTA money goes in the treasure box outside the Media Center and all other money goes in the black safe outside the media center.

Teachers are not allowed to handle any student money. It will be the responsibility of the child to place it in the boxes. Please send the envelope to school in the “Right Back” section of your child’s D.O.T. Binder and I will instruct them on where  to put it.

What if my child needs to take medication during the school day?
All medicine must be dispensed by the school nurse. Please bring it into the front office in the original container. You will also need to fill out a permission form that can be picked up in the office. Send in a note (in your child’s binder with the dosage and times and I will send your child to the clinic at the appropriate times.

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