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Homework Information

Homework is planned to begin the second week of school. I will send home a weekly chart that will be due on Friday. This chart will include homework components in each content area as well as a Bonus Box for those students that like a challenge. Their homework will include either currently taught content, review skills, or sometimes even preview skills.


Homework will typically include a technology component so please be sure to advise me if you do not have access to technology. I can provide your student with an alternate assignment or allow time in class to complete that portion.


Third grade homework should take about 30 minutes per night to complete. Please help your child when needed, however, allow them to complete it independently first, then review it with them and work through any mistakes there may be. At this age, it is very important for children to see what mistakes they are making and learn from them.


In addition to your child’s weekly homework packet, they are also required to read for AT LEAST 20 minutes per night. What they are reading should be on their independent reading level. I will not be sending home a reading log, however, if I feel it is necessary I will. Reading is an extremely important life long skill and it’s something I feel is very valuable. I know time is scarce these days so some helpful tips are to have your child read:

*in the car
*in the bathroom
*while eating their snack
*lounging outside
*right before bed
*while waiting in line at the grocery store
*doctor’s waiting room

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