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Main Idea/Details                            Inferencing
Room Recess                                    Detective’s Notebook
The Hamburger Game                    Inference Riddles
Wild Taxi                                            Rags to Riches           
Bouncing Balls                                  Study Zone
Alien Intruders


Compare and Contrast                  Character Traits
Study Zone                                        Hangman
Rags to Riches
                                  Rags to Riches

Cause and Effect                            Homophones
What Caused It?                              Which One?
Social Studies Tutor                        Line Match
Room Recess                                   Memory
Jeopardy                                           Turtle Diary
Study Zone                                       Homograph Jeopardy


Punctuation                                     Nouns
Alien Punctuation                           Rags to Riches (irregular plurals)
Splat!                                                 Jigword (irregular plurals)
Punctuation Campground            Feed the Lizard (plurals)
Punctuation Pop Up                      SpeedWord (plurals)
Edit Dan’s Copy                              Billionaire Game (plurals)
.                                                         Nouns Away (concrete and abstract)
.                                                         Study Ladder (abstract)
Super Word Toss
Which One?
Line Match
Synonym Toast
Super Synonyms


Matching (irregular)
Jeopardy (irregular)
Sentence Monkey (irregular)
Regular and Irregular Verbs
Speed Up for Tenses
Catch the Tense
Linking and Action Verbs
Link With Actions


Speed O Mania
Burst the Bubble
Adjective Adventure


Spot the Adverb
Degrees of Adverbs
Adjective vs. Adverb
Precision Adverb





Prefixes and Suffixes

Figurative Language


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