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Reading Correlations

There are many different types of reading assessments out there. Here in Cobb County Schools in order to assess your child’s reading level we use the DRA2 (Developmental Reading Assessment) as well as an online program called the SRI. The DRA2 uses letters to determine the level. We then transfer it to a Fountas and Pinell reading level on their report card which is a number. However, we along with most library systems also use a totally different system called Lexile Levels. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of all these differences!


If you are looking for books to check out from the library that are on your child’s reading level, please view the document below for a Reading Correlation chart. I have also included a link to the Lexile website. Their website includes a search engine in which you can input their Lexile level and it will generate a book list. That way it’s much easier to check out books on their level.


Download DRA Lexile Conversion Chart

DRA and Lexile Equivalents


Here is another conversion chart that might help you too This is how it works:

First scroll down and click on the correct grade level. If your child is on a DRA2 level 8 (which is a Fountas and Pinnell level E), by looking at the Correlation chart, you will see that is a grade equivalency of 1.3 (first grade, third month of school).


The above site lists some books on each level or you can visit the website below to search for books that are a 1.3 grade level. Then, your child can take that list to the library and check out books on their level! As a guideline, I suggest, if your child is a 1.3, they would benefit from reading books at a 1.0-1.6 reading level.

Book List


I highly recommend using to help your child’s comprehension. If you are familiar with and like the A.R. program, you will like Book Adventure!

I hope this helps your child in choosing books that are “just right” for them!

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